Tour de Murrieta to Wind Through Town March 8-10

The courses remain downtown, with Saturday’s event hosting a festival atmosphere including an exposition area, free energy drinks, music, a jump house for the kids and much more.

The 8th annual Tour de Murrieta, recently recognized as one of Southern California’s fastest growing three-day cycling events, is just around the corner. On March 8, 9 and 10, it will feature some of the most competitive race teams in California.

Back by popular demand is Stage 1, the "We All Ride" time trial which will be held on Friday, March 8. Like no other time trial in Southern California, its European-style terrain consisting primarily of paved roadway and a 1.2-mile portion of unpaved/hard compact dirt will be challenging to all riders.

Saturday’s Stage 2, Jax Bicycles/Rabobank Grandprix and Stage 3, Sunday’s Rabobank/Jax Bicycles Circuit Race courses, remain unchanged. Saturday offers a lightning-fast 1-mile course in Historic Downtown Murrieta, and Sunday brings a circuit ride along a rolling, 3.5-mile course.

Come experience the courses the pros will ride in May when the Amgen Tour of California comes into town. The courses remain downtown, with Saturday’s event hosting a festival atmosphere including an exposition area, free energy drinks, music, a jump house for the kids and much more.

Once again, highlighting this year’s event will be the Nature Valley Pro Chase Race Qualifier, also known as the "American Idol" of Cycling. Based on performance, race participants will be vying for an opportunity to race at the Nature Valley Grand Prix, a professional race held in Minnesota during the month of June, where they receive media appearances, host housing, coaching, team staff support and an opportunity to earn a professional cycling contract.

In 2012, Tour de Murrieta participants Connor McCutcheon and Trina Jacobson were selected and Connor’s results at Nature Valley included wearing the Best Young Rider Jersey and ultimately finishing third in the same competition which earned him a spot on a professional team in 2013. Are you next?

“Our commitment is to continue promoting the sport of cycling, healthy lifestyles, while sparking the local economy by inviting thousands of people to visit the city of Murrieta and its awesome surroundings,” said Race Technical Director Ernie Sanchez. “There is no doubt that our race has gained national attention and contributed to the Amgen Tour of California coming to town in May 2013."

An event to not overlook is the ever-so-popular Pacific Western Bank – Kid’s Race to be held at 12:05 p.m. on Saturday, March 9. This event steals the show, and it’s free however kids are asked to bring a canned food item to benefit a local food pantry.

For more information about specific times and locations log onto www.capoolsracing.org/tdm/.

—News release submitted by the city of Murrieta Community Services Department

SA February 25, 2013 at 04:54 PM
What a pain in the arse! Men in spandex with shaved legs …. Blocking vehicle access to businesses and causing inconvenience to motorists is a great idea! If they want us to share the road then get insurance and obey EVERY traffic rule!
citizen February 25, 2013 at 10:12 PM
Quite a narrow viewpoint, don't you think? I see this event actually bringing thousands of people TO Murrieta to eat, sleep, and shop- if business owners had a little foresight, they could actually make a great sales weekend out of it...
Stewart February 26, 2013 at 02:19 AM
I'm with you citizen. A positive event that offers little or short term inconvenience that brings in revenue for the local economy... Uh no brainer. Go for it and cycle away my neighbors. Cycle away!!
SA February 26, 2013 at 04:59 PM
Cyclist are a pain in the arse, they are a danger to themselves’ … They can conduct their little race on a track… (Grand prix is an exception as that is a race and unless a female is driving the drivers have hair on their legs.)


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