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[VIDEO] Former Vista Murrieta Football Player Suing District After Life-Changing Practice

The teen and his mom are suing the school district for negligence after he was injured practicing without pads.

A former junior varsity football player at Vista Murrieta High School is suing the school district after he was injured during a practice for which he wasn't suited up with protective gear, CBS Los Angeles reports.

Casey Aspinall says he was injured during an off-season football physical education class in 2010 when he took a hit to the head and received a grade-four concussion, according to a new CBS2 report.

“I remember the football coming towards me and everything went black,” he told the news agency. “Blood was everywhere. It was dripping down my face, on my chest, on my stomach, to my pants, my hands. It was messy.”

The teen said he is still suffering the effects from that fateful practice.  He and his mom are suing Murrieta Valley Unified School District for negligence. 

Watch the video above for more on why the players weren't wearing pads, and read more from CBS2 here.
southernbelle February 28, 2014 at 11:53 AM
they don't wear full gear in summer practices because someone else sued for their kid getting too overheated and having a heat stroke. So, they changed the summer practices to no heavy gear to prevent heat strokes. Now someone sues because they didn't wear gear. Also--whoever said coaches deny water isn't correct--they used to but it is extremely touchy these days--again as a result of law suits. They break the entire team on timed water breaks to avoid any issues. anyone else notice this kid and his parents waited 3 yrs, and until after he graduated to file? interesting.
southernbelle February 28, 2014 at 11:57 AM
Alek--I literally spit out my coffee---the words you come up with just kill me!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha
MurrietaMom4 February 28, 2014 at 07:36 PM
It was 2 hand touch during PE class. So should the school be liable for my 5th grader getting kicked in the head with a kickball during PE? Or would I sue little league for my son breaking his nose because someone threw it and my son doesn't catch it? NO. This is because he lost his scholarship so they want to get a scholarship somewhere. It is unfortunate. But you want PE in schools ...now we cant have PE in schools because they could get hurt. Which is it?
Jamee Parcell February 28, 2014 at 10:52 PM
I also agree with Murrieta mom 4 my son broke his leg playing in a pony baseball game going into his senior year of high school, he had to miss out on football came and a few other things. Should I have sued harveston park because of hole in the grass! No it's called an accident! Just like what happen to this boy. My son also had 7th period pe and played 2 hand touch. It's harmless. It's pe! Accidents happen!


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