Teacher, Principal of Year Honored

The luncheon at the Riverside Convention Center honored teachers, administrators and school staff from across the county.

The Riverside County teacher and principal of the year were honored Tuesday by the Riverside County Office of Education at the Celebrating Educators Luncheon at the Riverside Convention Center.

Joseph Balleweg, the principal of , was named the Principal of the Year.

Melissa Casady, an English teacher also from Great Oak, was named the Teacher of the Year.

Balleweg joined Great Oak in 2007, but he served in education for 18 years, said Rick Peoples, spokesperson for the county’s Department of Education.

Balleweg became a junior high school reading and language arts teacher in 1993. He taught English at in 1999 and at Great Oak in 2004.

He became the assistant principal at Great Oak in 2006. He chaired the English Department at both Chaparral and Great Oak, according to Peoples.

Balleweg was named Teacher of the Year previously. He coached high school tennis and soccer and is a volunteer youth baseball coach.

Casady has been a teacher for nine years, starting at Chaparral starting at Chaparral.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from . She’s a master teacher in English, a beginning teacher mentor, a yearbook adviser and the co-department chair in English.

She has been the California Coastal Credit Union Teacher of the Month, a Crystal Apple nominee and the Renaissance Teacher of the Year in 2009.

TVOR May 16, 2011 at 03:04 AM
I'm sure this luncheon and awards were paid for with public money but I think it is well worth the small expense to recognize outstanding performers in our school system.
Popeye May 16, 2011 at 01:50 PM
If the public school system does not cut back on unnecessary functions, they are taking necessities from the public taxpayers children. Children should come first and the teachers, administrators, and unions should take 40 percent pay cut and remove the pension and replace 401k. Then we would have a better public school system. Public service should be voluntary not a career. You should not become a teacher unless you are 50 and above and experienced in the private sector.
blair waldorf May 17, 2011 at 05:14 AM
Interesting that both of these winners are from Great Oak High School. My experience with this school is that it is renegade run by renegades. They do what they want when they want. They let the press know what is going on based on a need to know basis. There are many things that go on inside the inner circle of the school that many parents are not aware of. There is cheating by students, gifts taken by administrators from students that are worth more than $100 a piece. In fact the skybox for graduation was not auctioned off this years as it has been in years past. Just quietly given to the families of students that have bought there way to the top. The parents should be asking many questions about the morality of this school. It does not operate under the unified district it is supposed to be part of. Decisions are made and as long as the one in charge deems it okay, it is done. Things are done quite differently at Great Oak than other schools in this district. Don't believe all that you read. Nothing is as good as it appears.


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