2012 All-Southwestern League Football Team Announced

Murrieta Valley’s Terin Solomon named Defensive Most Valuable Player of the year, while Chaparral's Justin Harris was given the title of Offensive Most Valuable Player.

The 2012 All-Southwestern League Football team was announced.

The team is selected by the head coaches, and embodies the very best athletes in the league. 

The Defensive Most Valuable Player award went to Murrieta Valley’s senior safety Terin Solomon. The Oregon-bound defensive back terrorized and tormented opposing offenses all season long.

Chaparral’s outstanding senior running back Justin Harris was voted the Offensive Most Valuable player. Harris ran the ball for 1,544 yards and 19 touchdowns for the Pumas this year.

Congratulations to all the fine student-athletes for their accomplishments and selection to the All-Southwestern League Football Team.

2012 All-Southwestern League Football


Offensive Most Valuable Player

Back                Justin Harris       12                    Chaparral

1st Team

Back                Nick Stevens       12                    Vista Murrieta

Back                Andrew Blake      12                    Murrieta Valley

Back                Jakob Certeza      12                    Great Oak

Back                Jacob Augustin     12                    Murrieta Valley

Rec                  Brandon Presley   10                    Great Oak

Rec                  Khalil Sharpe       12                    Murrieta Mesa

Rec                  Patrick Clifford     12                    Chaparral 

Line                 Mark Diano          11                    Vista Murrieta

Line                 Ian Kelly               12                    Chaparral

Line                 Addison Pulsipher  12                    Temecula Valley

Line                 Nick Ponzio           12                    Great Oak

Line                 Grant Hatch          11                    Murrieta Valley 

Kicker             Aaron Ruth             11                    Vista Murrieta 

2nd Team

Back                Chase Chambers   12                    Murrieta Mesa

Back                Kyle Plantier         11                    Temecula Valley

Back                Kiyshawn Holmes  11                    Vista Murrieta

Back                Carson Luna          12                    Great Oak

Back                Skyler Seibold       12                    Chaparral 

Rec                  Chris Stratton        12                    Chaparral

Rec                  Hector Bautista      12                    Murrieta Valley

Rec                  Gilbert Toves         12                    Murrieta Mesa 

Line                 Ruben Meza           11                    Murrieta Mesa

Line                 Matt Grieb             12                    Chaparral

Line                 Donnell Toliver       12                    Vista Murrieta

Line                 Christian Vinski       11                    Murrieta Valley

Line                 James Maloney       11                    Vista Murrieta 

Kicker             John Baron              11                    Chaparral 


Defensive Most Valuable Player

Back           Terin Solomon        12            MVHS   

1st Team

Line            Kyle Jones             12             Chaparral

Line            Michael  Payne       12             Murrieta Valley

Line            Junior Tau              12              Chaparral

Line            Curtis Bolton           11             Vista Murrieta 

LB               Kody Thornburg      12              Murrieta Valley

LB               Robert Trujillo         12               Chaparral

LB              Tyler Papaco             12              Great Oak

LB               Bryce Smith             12              Vista Murrieta 

Back            Su’a Cravens            12              Vista Murrieta

Back             Garrett Ackerman    12              Great Oak

Back            Chris Stratton           12              Chaparral

Back             Billy Montoya           11               Murrieta Mesa 

Punter          Grant Fleming           12              Vista Murrieta 

2nd Team

Line              Matt Hobby              11               Great Oak

Line              Addison Pulsipher     12               Temecula Valley

Line              Tyler Cooke              11               Vista Murrieta

Line              Grant Cleary             12                Vista Murrieta 

LB                Cameron Gamble       12                Chaparral

LB                Chandler Woodward    11               Murrieta Mesa

LB                Jarrod Iwasaki             10               Temecula Valley

LB                 Mike Almodovar          12                Murrieta Valley

LB                 Greg Hoyd                  11                Vista Murrieta 

Back             Treshon Broughton       12                Vista Murrieta

Back             Damon Nolan               12                Murrieta Valley

Back             Nick Fisher                   10                Great Oak

Back            LaFayette Waters           11               Murrieta Valley

Back            Phillip Jones-Ward          12                 Vista Murrieta

Utlity            Parker Erickson              12                Murrieta Mesa


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