Murrieta's November Students of the Month Named

A future doctor, radiologist and psychology major are among five selected as Murrieta students of the month for November.

Five outstanding students were recognized when the Murrieta Valley Chamber of Commerce High School Student of the Month Recognition Program was held Nov. 1.

The Murrieta students and their families attended a breakfast sponsored by numerous local businesses. At the monthly event students share personal stories of their most important life lesson, how they plan to ‘pay it forward’ when they return from college and stories of victory through challenging life circumstances. Students received numerous gift certificates from community businesses along with certificates of recognition, congratulations and encouragement from local, county, state and federal dignitaries.

Vista Murrieta High School Senior Erin Paulson is ranked first in her class and she has a 4.7 GPA. Erin is a known as a quiet, courageous leader who has served in ASB for 4 years. She is Commissioner of Care this year and last year she was Junior Class President. Erin is applying to USC and she plans to major in biomedical engineering and pre-med. Erin is a fighter who never gives up.  After surviving two bouts with leukemia, her desire is to become an oncologist.  Erin belongs to the National Honor Society and California Scholarship Federation. Erin says she has learned to take it one day at a time, prioritize her time, always keep her goals in front of her and keep a positive attitude.   

Oak Grove Center Senior Daniel Guarderas has overcome a number of challenges and obstacles. He has demonstrated resilience and  character and he is known for standing up for what is right. Daniel is a student leader who works with other students in the classroom. Today he is looking forward to a bright future and he plans to go to trade school after he graduates. Daniel is considering a career in computer programming. Although Daniel has had struggles in his life, he has shown tremendous growth and he always puts others before himself and believes in treating others the way he wants to be treated.  

Creekside High School Senior Geffery Jolly has worked consistently to get where he is today, setting goals and meeting them. Geffery is a fifth-year senior and he is on track to graduate before the end of the first semester. Geffery has a joy for life, a heart of gold and he is a positive role model on campus, earning the respect of his peers and admiration of his teachers. Geffery has shown persistence and he is motivated to always do the right thing. Geffery has been involved in his school’s Guitar Club and he has also served as a teachers’ aide. He plans to attend MSJC and would like to pursue a career as a radiologist.

Murrieta Mesa High School Senior Kennedy Love is described as an academic beast who loves math. Kennedy is taking five AP classes this year and he completed five AP classes and one dual enrollment college class last year. In addition, he runs cross country and track. In spite of his rigorous schedule, Kennedy maintains a 4.5 GPA. Kennedy is applying to Harvard, Stanford, Cornell and Cal Tech and his career goal is to become a civil engineer.  Kennedy’s desire is to give back to those who are less fortunate and in the future he would like to create a global non-profit organization to provide emergency shelters for areas hit by natural disasters.    

Murrieta Valley High School Senior Eli Talbert has high expectations of himself but that wasn’t always the case. He said enrolling in the Young Marines in sixth grade turned him around and taught him self-discipline and integrity.  Today Eli is ranked first in his class and he is in National Honor Society, has a 4.7 GPA and has earned a High Five Society Patch the number of AP Exams he has passed with a top score of 5. Eli enjoys tutoring other students and working with people from diverse backgrounds. With more than 300 hours of community service, Eli is known for serving others and he has thought of going into the Peace Corp. His career goal is be a lawyer or a doctor. Eli has applied to UCLA, Princeton and the University of Pennsylvania and he plans to major in psychology. Eli said the biggest lesson he has learned is to be self-reliant and to take personal responsibility for his actions. Eli’s teachers say he is a pleasure to have in class and his peers enjoy his sense of humor.   

If you wish to learn more about the Student of the Month Program, please contact Sally A. Myers, Founder at 951-506-8024.

If you wish to learn more about sponsoring the Student of the Month program, please contact Margaret D. Jones, Chair of the Murrieta Student of the Month Program at 951-677-4856.  The SOM Program greatly appreciates your support and interest in the lives of our young people.

If you have any additional questions, contact Karen Parris Murrieta SOM Publicity Coordinator 951-696-1600, ext.1022.   

—Submitted by Karen Parris


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