French Valley School Boundaries to Be Redrawn

Many students bused to Hemet for High School will soon go to TVHS, officials say.

High school students in French Valley being bused to Hemet will soon be able to go to Temecula Valley High School.

The school board voted to redraw the boundaries between the Hemet and Temecula school districts to cut the amount of time students living near Pouroy and Winchester roads spend going to and from class.

The closest high school in Hemet is farther than the ones in Temecula, said Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Lori Ordway-Peck.

To read about how the district plans to change the boundaries, .

Students will be unable to attend the nearest high school, Chaparral, because it’s too full, Ordway-Peck said.

Some residents fear TVHS is also too full, said Anthony St. Martin, a volunteer who gathered signatures on a petition to get the district boundaries redrawn.

Some of his neighbors called the district to ask how to transfer, and they were told they had no chance of getting into the school, St. Martin said.

“They were mocked, saying these kids would never get into the Temecula school district,” he said to the school board during a meeting earlier this month. “Could you notify the people in the office to stop mocking our residents?”


French Valley Citizen July 15, 2011 at 03:55 AM
This IS great news!! We are a family in French Valley (off of Pourroy/Winchester) and my children are in elementary school, so they are (unfortunately) unaffected by this tentative change. I'd be very interested to hear if there are ANY plans for elementary students to get into other districts? I have to bus my kids to Oak Meadows (Menifee District) when there are schools much closer to our house, but are in Murrieta and Temecula Districts. And when they get to high school age, I'm supposed to send them to Paloma High? It doesn't make sense. The Menifee District seems uninterested in helping me....as my interdistrict transfer requests are always denied. It's a joke. So basically families in French Valley are all too often pigeon-holed...just forced to send their kids to certain schools because that is their only option.


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