WATCH: Rocks Blasted to Make Room for Hwy 79 Widening

Watch video footage and photos of rock blasting that took place Monday for the widening of Highway 79 between Murrieta and Domenigoni Parkway.

A section of state Highway 79 near Murrieta was closed Monday for a blasting and cleaning operation.

The blasting on Winchester Road took place between Newport Road and Patton Avenue.

Construction crews are working to widen the highway from two to four lanes.

During the closure, traffic was diverted via Domenigoni Road, Interstate 215 and Scott Road.

The work is part of a campaign by the Riverside County Transportation Department to widen a 5.4-mile segment of the highway from Murrieta north to Domenigoni Parkway.More information is available here.

—City News Service contributed to this report

Sue K August 07, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Where are the protesters now? You mean our little green protesters don't find it horrendous that we desimate fields and pastures for yet more concrete? Why doesn't 'occupy' sabotage these snake ridden greens and make a stand every morning? what no manicured lawn to pitch a tent? Not enough Starbucks at arms length? How are miles of and miles of 'dust' raised for more road, which by the way is contrary to the accepted Agenda 21 plans, different from a quarry that could have supplied the concrete and jobs? ... roads provide jobs for union workers that is why! Unions are sabotaging the capitalism that has created the most successful country in the history of mankind-the USA-...and they are doing it one company at a time! As the companies leave this unfriendly atmosphere the same unions kick them in the butt and blame them for taking jobs across the border. Please take off the rose colored glasses and vote Republican in November for the freedom to once again excel!
Al Lee August 07, 2012 at 03:00 PM
Who are "our little green protesters", you conservative thug? Conservative trash. like Sue K, doesn't deserve an answer to her Right Wing Extremist drip. Only someone so full of hatred, do beefed up with discrimination and prejudice could make claims like she did. If you vote Republican this Fall, you will be voting for obstruction to President Obama's effort to right this nation after years of Bush failure and war. You will be voting for slobs who want to reduce women's rights, Contraception??? You have to be kidding me, only conservative dimwits or 1% don't use it, sorry Sue K, sex is fun too, not for just creating babies as Rick Santorum blabbers about. No vote for Republicans and you get the Michele Bachmann's, the Rick Perry's, the Mitt Romney's of America, led by the true conservative leader Rush Limbaugh. All the minority haters, taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Sue K is a quarry proponent. She is not for Murrieta or Temecula's future. She is for stripping the land, polluting YOUR air and ruining your environment as well as your car windshields. Money and Prejudice all wrapped up in the Bible and the Flag is what these Conservos think of America. Not safety, not healthcare, not infrastructure. Sue, go to your Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly clubhouse and do your conservative chants....thanks for giving us all a look inside conservatism. Your a shining example of whats wrong in America.
Scott Tucker August 07, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Reread your post and then tell me you're not "beefed up with discrimination and prejudice". Yes, I'm a Conservative, but just what does sex and contraception have to do with widening a road??? Get a grip.


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