Supervisors Pushing To Reduce Benefits For County Employees

Riverside County Supervisors Kevin Jeffries (left) and Jeff Stone. File photos.
Riverside County Supervisors Kevin Jeffries (left) and Jeff Stone. File photos.

Cutting severance pay and other benefits for Riverside County employees will be on the Board of Supervisors' agenda tomorrow.

Riverside County Supervisors Kevin Jeffries and Jeff Stone will be asking their colleagues to support a study on reducing retirement, vacation and severance pay by adopting private-sector policies and other methods.

Jeffries represents the cities of Lake Elsinore and Wildomar, among other local jurisdictions, while Stone represents Murrieta and Temecula, among others.

The supervisors' proposal is titled "Require Every Department to Account for Cumulative Time," or REDACT.

"In recent instances, (the county) has paid out large sums of money to some persons who have retired, been dismissed, or left county employment for various reasons," Jeffries and Stone wrote in documents posted to the board's policy agenda.

According to the supervisors, "large payouts" have been the result of union contracts or county resolutions intended to compensate employees for "extra time worked." Unused vacation time and sick days can be redeemed for cash when an employee parts from county service.

"In many cases, these awards have been for thousands of accumulated hours of 'annual leave,' amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars," Jeffries and Stone said.

They emphasized the need for increased accountability in tracking and documenting employees' accrued leave time so that there are no irregularities and every hour is "verified, monitored and tracked."

The issue of accrued vacation and sick time compensation came under close scrutiny two years ago when the board approved a four-year memorandum of understanding with the Deputy District Attorneys' Association.

Under the terms of that deal, county prosecutors are permitted to amass 2,080 hours of vacation time during their careers and can cash in 40 hours of unused time every quarter. The balance would be paid when a DDA retires or otherwise leaves government service.

In exchange, the DDAA acquiesced to members paying more toward their own pensions. --City News Service

Local Resident December 03, 2013 at 12:38 AM
I think it's time to reduce pay and perks for the board of sup's
SA December 03, 2013 at 12:09 PM
I say “cut the fat” … Democrats and Unions have caused all of these monetary issues… If they weren’t so greedy and self-righteous we as a whole would be sound…
Just my opinion December 16, 2013 at 06:08 PM
I do not agree with reducing their pay. There are only 5 of them and they are officials with significant power. Their notice that the county cannot sustain itself long term without some sensible changes means they are doing their jobs! Now it is time to see how changes can be implemented. They can still keep the salaries of the county employees competitive but should lower their post retirement benefits like lifetime healthcare benefits which most working folks never get, as well as have employees pay a larger portion of their own retirement since it only benefits them anyway. There are a lot of ideas that can be explored. Leaving everything status quo is not one of them.


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