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Strick Brings Young Voice as Murrieta City Council Candidate

A different perspective, a firm grasp on economics and a desire to improve infrastructure for marginalized residents are what Murrieta City Council Candidate Dan Strick says he has to offer.

Young blood is needed on Murrieta City Council, says candidate Dan Strick.

At 27, Strick says he is “the average Murrietan.”

“I see things from a different perspective as opposed to the candidates who are relatively more seasoned and have a different view on things,” Strick said. “I see it from a young family’s perspective.”

Strick is among six candidates vying in the Nov. 6 general election for two seats on Murrieta City Council. The others are: incumbent Randon Lane, 43; Paul Clay, 54; David Mueting, 41; Joel Phillips, 52; and Harry Ramos, 35.

Fresh from earning his bachelor’s degree in political science from California State Baptist University in May 2012, Strick previously spent four years in the U.S. Navy.

Strick moved to Murrieta five years ago after being stationed in San Diego, and met his wife, a local to the area, shortly thereafter. He took on the role of helping raise her two children, and the couple has since had two children of their own.

“The big group that is moving into Murrieta is young families and veterans, I have all that going for me,” Strick said.

Aside from a fresh perspective, Strick says his interest in economics makes him a good choice.

“I have a good grasp on that,” Strick said.

He said he is well aware of the issues faced by cities as a result of the state takeaway of redevelopment money.

“It sounds like we are trying to work something out so that the money being given to us by the state is continued,” Strick said. “They are giving us money at a certain interest rate and we are trying to refinance that. So therefore instead of ‘we are giving this to you,’ if we pay a little more back the state is more likely to give it to us.”

Strick also expressed concern for areas of Murrieta that lack infrastructure.

“Murrieta is already a great city that is moving up and I’d love to jump on board with that. At the same time though, there are a lot of people who are kind of marginalized. They live down dirt roads, they don’t have the basic infrastructure that everybody else has. I was talking to one guy who told me that when firefighters come down his street they can’t see his street signs.”

Strick said his in-laws live in one of these areas and do not have high-speed Internet access.

“They don’t have wifi, they don’t have Verizon. There are lots of pockets of people who have just been marginalized. I don’t think it is on purpose but at the same time I can bring that to the table. I see it because I have experienced it,” said Strick, who grew up in rural Northern California.

This is Strick’s first try at a public office. He serves as a deacon at Reliance Church in Temecula. Previously, he served as an umpire for Murrieta National Little League.

“It is a democracy, that is the beautiful thing about it; is always good to have fresh faces in government.”

Editor's Note: This is the fifth in a series of six candidate profiles. A final article about Paul Clay is forthcoming.

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Keith Broaders September 29, 2012 at 01:58 PM
America was created to be Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. In a Republic everyone has rights that are protected by the rule of law. In a Democracy the majority can deprive the minority of their life, liberty and property if they believe that it is in the public interest. We pledge allegiance to the Republic not the Democracy.
Cathy Neumann-Bearse September 29, 2012 at 02:09 PM
Just curious .. how do you feel about the ban the cam issue?
Katheryn September 29, 2012 at 02:24 PM
I hope he is for the cam, I always stop for red lights and am tried of seeing many people run the lights and the accidents which often follow.
The Republican September 29, 2012 at 03:28 PM
Ban the cams will pass. Most people are not against the enforcement of the red lights but they are against the fact that due process begins weeks after the violation instead of the moment it happens.People just don't believe in the reliability of the cameras and they don't believe in judges that believe you are guilty from the start. I would rather employ more police officers to enforce traffic laws than face a ticket where I had to remember where I was at a specific time two weeks ago.
Nancy Knight September 29, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Regarding undedicated roads (dirt roads). It was deliberate. Before cityhood, the county provided the addresses for these streets and normally the first one on the block named the street. After cityhood, engineers decided which existing roads would be taken for dedication and these were paved and provided the customary green street signs with white lettering. The undedicated streets were provided white street signs with green lettering. Private roads do not have city provided signage. Many of these undedicated roads are in a redevelopment zone and yet the taxes paid by these property owners into the redevelopment fund never saw any of their money given back to them for infrastructure. At a minimum, a few thousand dollars for asphalt would go a long way in helping improve these underserved areas. The city cannot control Verizon or Wifi but can improve ingress and egress on these roads. Good point to bring up in your campaign.
Nancy Knight September 29, 2012 at 05:23 PM
What do you do for a living? You had stated at one time that you were a real estate speculator. Not an easy thing to do in these hard times especially while raising a family with four children. What is your primary means of support?
Douglas VanderHeide September 29, 2012 at 06:49 PM
What is your plans to correct sewer bills/service charges that varies by as much as $45 per month in Murrieta? Those residents lucky enough to be serviced by EMWD pay much less than Rancho & EVMWD customers. Why are 3 Government agencies able to red-line water/sewer services?
Jennifer McCaughey September 30, 2012 at 12:43 AM
I met him today and he says he is not in favor of them but admitted he hasn't got strong feelings about this issue, but he said if people vote against them he wouldn't go against that. He seemed like a sincere guy, not a smooth talker,and even though we didnt agree about another issue we discussed he seemed like a good candidate to me.
Sam Bradstreet October 01, 2012 at 12:48 PM
Term Limits equals this. Inexperienced. One candidates last job was hotel desk clerk, this candidate was a deacon in his church and an umpire. I want to have candidates serve time learning whats involved in sacrifice of city government, PRIOR to running for City Council. Abbott doesn't hire top executives with no experience in their field. Political authorities like Nancy Knight, it seems to me, want candidates they can mold to their specific form of government, to get personally wha they want the candidate for or against, Candidates should come in with strong views on the direction the want the city to go. Their first term will be a learning experience and this city needs direction, not more trainees.
tj October 01, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Keith is right on point about us being a Republic. Somehow in the past 30 years all the politicians have been running their mouth about spreading democracy. Bush 43 used to do it all the time. If our politicians could understand that our Republic was the great experiment of it's time we would be much better off. Our founding forefathers had studied history and knew that every democracy in history had "murdered" itself (their words, not mine). I have to do some more research oin this candidate. I am getting the impression that there is the mindset of let the govt solve your problems, instead of being self reliant and solving your own problems. people have been living on dirt roads for generations but in California that seems to be a problem for the govt to fix. And wifi, do we really want a candidate spending time and energy advocating "a wifi in every pot". Jennifer, you say you disagreed about another issue with the candidate, please do tell us what that was.
Nancy Knight October 01, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Sam, the people passed term limits for a reason. That does not mean we can never get qualified candidates to run for public service. In fact, Mr. Strick and Mr. Ramos are two candidates who are highly qualified for public service just based on their military backgrounds. Military experience also provides a good understanding of how politics works. The specific form of city government we need molded here is one based on representatives who sacrifice their time and energy to investigate issues and to do the work of the people and not to do the work of the few who funded their campaign to give them the biggest signs and expensive glossy mailers. Those are the candidates who serve their master and not the people. A Republic is supposed to prevent a dictatorship but it is up to the people to vote to prevent the dictatorship that has existed in Riverside County for too many years now. More housing without jobs is a red flag so anyone involved in real estate is a suspect candidate. I am especially concerned that Mr. Strick is not responding to questions posed on this blog.
Sam Bradstreet October 01, 2012 at 03:34 PM
Nancy, I disagree......in military service, the person listens to orders, follows through with the orders. It does not qualify for leadership unless they have proven leadership skills. Most within the military are not born leaders, they are followers. The city of Murrieta is NOT a country, There are no dictators. If you want to lessen the payback driven by political contributions, take corporate money out of politics. Limit the amount any one person can contribute. Thats the place to start, take money out of politics if you think that every candidate is beholding to their contributors. We have seen, from your posts that you have a personal agenda-- the Council did not obey your requests, I think we need candidates who serve at lower levels of government, know the city, know how local city government works and in their secular jobs have shown some leadership ability. I am sorry, but replacing the experience of McAlister with a trainee,,,,,,who's experience was umpiring a children's baseball game does not fill the bill. Or a candidate that has been a hotel desk clerk. These are not qualified candidates to run this city. If you were truthful to all you might stop your resentment towards the current Council because you as a candidate failed. If, we have a City Council that serves their masters then its our fault for not voting to take money out of politics.
Nancy Knight October 01, 2012 at 03:45 PM
To tj: The theory of a Republic, as opposed to a dictatorship, rests with the people who vote in a democracy. More on this in my response to Sam below. Regarding the dirt roads, government takes taxes to give us amenities. I an sure you enjoy a paved road to your home. When the government created Redevelopment zones they took the property taxes from the property owners in the redevelopment zones and put it in a special fund for infrastructure. The government then should have a moral duty to give those tax dollars back to those property owners for asphalt on their dirt road. It is not the government that should "fix" the problem but to use the tax dollars in the fund to fix the problem. We need a candidate who will investigate who got our redevelopment money and to pay it back to the people in the form of infrastructure in the redevelopment zones.
Sam Bradstreet October 01, 2012 at 03:45 PM
tj-having accessible wifi serves many purposes within our cities. First it creates communication, a link that is important on many levels. It also supports jobs......remember jobs??? TJ- it seems you have the same exact mindset as Mitt Romney when talking about 47% of Americans!!! We have seen how well that comment went over to America....... No one is asking government to fix all our problems. It seems one part of government doesn't want to fix our problems at all, but wants to sit on the edge of our beds and watch what we do.
Nancy Knight October 01, 2012 at 04:22 PM
Actually we need two new trainees. Lane and McAllister both served as "appointed" Planning Commissioners who took orders to approve condos on mixed use zoned land where we were supposed to have commercial development. They didn't question or investigate what mixed use zoned land was supposed to be used for. It was obviously not zoned Multifamily housing but that is what they approved. They served the development interests of "their masters". Both sons of preacher men I might add. One a deadbeat dad to boot who fled to Australia to avoid child support with his first family. Look it up in the DA records or ask him. He is not proud of his past nor should he be proud of what he did to overburden this city with high density housing when we didn't have jobs to sustain the population.
Sam Bradstreet October 01, 2012 at 06:34 PM
I know about McAlister.....he's gone now. Lane will win. We need one. So you keep complaing about the City Council being bought and sold.....how long do you think it would take for a front desk clerk from a hotel and a kid's umpire to figure out the system?? No training, no guidance......maybe Kelly Seyarto could come back and run a how to beat a donkey clinic?? We need people who serve on different boards.....planning commission to step up. I was encouraged when I saw former City Managers were going to run. These are the people that can run a city.......not what I'm looking at. This is exactly what term limits do. They rid the city of experienced Councilmen, who may be bought and paid for------for inexperienced Councilmen who will not be able to work for the city. I'll take the experience everytime because the money in the system will not change now will it Nancy.... Nancy why don't you lead the charge to keep corporate and business money out of local politics and limit the amount any individual can give. Soon, businesses like Abbott will just buy the Councilmen of their choice. But I don't see their need to get any issues pushed through.
Nancy Knight October 01, 2012 at 09:08 PM
Sam, what you're looking at, is what you've got. The former Temecula city manager dropped out. Since it only takes three votes, you do not need Lane. Three experienced council members are not up for re-election. Vote for Harry Ramos and you will have a highly intelligent fourth council member. Ramos can even help facilitate turning this city around to serve the people rather than special interests. By the way, you obviously have never served in the military. They are all "trained" to be leaders. And in my opinion, the city manager from Temecula was a suspect candidate. He did know what happens behind closed doors but would he have "informed" existing incompetent staff and existing council members on how to do the right thing and to do things right? We will never know since he quickly changed his mind about serving this city. He does have inside information and running a "donkey clinic - to use your description of what we have now" for $600 a month after earning six figures in Temecula no doubt had a significant impact on that decision to drop out of the race before it even started.
Sam Bradstreet October 01, 2012 at 09:47 PM
What evidence and qualifications does Harry Ramos have. First off, he cannot accept he broke a rule with his garbage cans. No, Nancy, they are trained to obey orders and none of these candidates state that they were officers. Your wrong when you say they are all trained to be leaders......they are trained to listen and obey orders. There can't be too many Chefs in the kitchen or discipline would fall apart. They are not trained in financial negotiations and business negotiations....they are trained to do a specific job. I don't see any qualifications in any of these candidates. I look around Murrieta, and what has happened after the vanHaaster/Seyarto destructive sellout to home builders and I see improvement. I see a Council that stood up to the local Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly and has not reduced the cities hiring requirements to fit some right wing power grab. I see a city running fairly nicely in a tough foreclosure atmosphere and appreciate the job the underpaid Councilmen make for their sacrifice. I see a city with great police and fire protection and am willing to pay any extra fees needed to keep that protection top notch. I don't see issues with the current Council as you do.......but then, I don't have a personal agenda with any of them either. You are thinking selfishly, what they didn't do for you, instead of looking at the big picture. Its about everyone, not just you.
Sam Bradstreet October 01, 2012 at 09:52 PM
But the point you made I do agree with that has now disappeared from the conversation. Why don't you stand tall against money in politics. Make it a law that only a small contribution can be given and no corporate contributions.....no buying elections. Then Nancy Knight can't talk about backroom deals and under the table payments.....make a law to limit contributions????? What say you to that????
Nancy Knight October 01, 2012 at 09:59 PM
We already have laws for limiting campaign contributions. It doesn't work when the development industry has a huge email list to solicit money from Newport Beach to the desert to get the campaign fund filled for their chosen candidate. Look up the financials of those candidates with the huge signs, fancy mailers and paid-for endorsements on slate mailers when they are made public and you will better understand how the game is played.
Nancy Knight October 01, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Sam I have no idea what you are talking about when you claim I am "thinking selfishly" about what they didn't do for me. I didn't ask them to do something FOR me, I asked that they do NOT do something TO ME and TO my long time neighbors. I asked that they NOT rezone my home to a Research Park zone. I am sure you would agree that homes in our rural historic heritage should be protected as is stated in the General Plan. We shall see what the council decides. Not one of the long time residents wanted their homes rezoned. There is nothing selfish about it. There is something incompetent about a highly paid Economic Development staff member to recommend more offices in a city that is full of existing empty office buildings. And a research park does not fit a rural estate area. It belongs near a university or near the Loma Linda Hospital at best.
The Republican October 01, 2012 at 10:14 PM
Vote yes on Prop 32 and take big money out of politics!
Sam Bradstreet October 01, 2012 at 11:41 PM
Why vote NO on prop 32 "Proposition 32 is not what it seems. Prop. 32 promises 'political reform' but is really designed by special interests to help themselves and harm their opponents." "Business Super PACs and independent expenditure committees are exempt from Prop. 32’s controls. These organizations work to elect or defeat candidates and ballot measures but aren’t subject to the same contribution restrictions and transparency requirements for campaigns themselves. A recent Supreme Court decision allows these groups to spend unlimited amounts of money. Prop. 32 does nothing to deal with that. If Prop. 32 passes, Super PACs, including committees backed by corporate special interests, will become the major way campaigns are funded. This prrop is set up just to stop union contributions "Real campaign reform treats everyone equally, with no special exemptions for anyone. Proposition 32 was intentionally written to exempt thousands of big businesses like Wall Street investment firms, hedge funds, developers, and insurance companies. Over 1000 of the companies exempted by this measure are listed as Major Donors by the California Secretary of State. "This measure says it prohibits unions from using payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. It says it also applies to corporations, so it sounds balanced. But 99% of California corporations don’t use payroll deductions for political giving; they would still be allowed to use their profits to influence elections."


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