Murrieta Workers Receive $15.12M in Earned Income Tax Credits; Do You Qualify?

Money-saving tax credit often goes unclaimed, IRS says.

This tax season, the IRS is encouraging low- and moderate-income workers to find out if they qualify for the earned income tax credit, through which 6,876 Murrieta workers collectively received $15.12 million during 2012.

The earned income tax credit is available to millions of taxpayers, but around 20 percent of those eligible don’t claim it. Available to those making around $50,000 or less, California taxpayers benefited to the tune of $6.8 billion through the EITC last year.

One in five tax filers that are eligible for the credit fail to take advantage of it, costing them a potentially significant boost to their refunds. People can find out if they qualify online with the EITC assistant on the IRS website.   

“A large part of the nation sees major changes every year with their tax situation,” said IRS Acting Commissioner Steven T. Miller. “This year, millions of workers could qualify for EITC for the first time, and the IRS urges them not to overlook this valuable credit.”

Qualifying for the credit could mean up to $475 for people without children, and a maximum credit of up to $5,891 for those with three or more qualifying children.

Unlike most deductions and credits, the EITC is refundable. In other words, those eligible may get a refund from the IRS even if they owe no tax. Workers must file a tax return, even if they are not required to file, and specifically claim the credit.

More information on EITC and detailed eligibility rules are available on the IRS website.

Kevin Clark February 06, 2013 at 01:01 AM
Sorry, but there is nothing good to say about the federal goverments "earned income tax credit". This is one of the biggest tax payer rip offs that has ever existed. This "Taker" program is an absolute disapointment. The name itself is so misleading.. First.. they didn't earn anthing...and secondly, to call it a tax credit is a lie...in reality it's tax payer paid bonus. ..and for what? What is the benfit? not paying antyhing in federal taxes?? So let me get this straight a person whom paid little to nothing in federal taxes gets a federal tax return greater than what they paid in.?!! What the ? .. So, the federal deficet is what, 16, 17 trillion and growing and I pay taxes so the federal goverment can what.. give it away.... to (voters)....Wow.. Well......, I guess it's ok, but only if the people you give it to those who are....... "disenfranchised"? or better yet you can give my money to the perpetually "at risk" or whatever new term that's been invented to not call something what it actually is. This is program is absolutely ridiculous ......sorry to say welcome to home of the brave land of the freebie.


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