Councilman Lane Makes Run for Re-Election Official

Councilman Randon Lane is the first candidate to submit the required paperwork, according to Murrieta City Clerk Kay Vinson. Three other potential candidates had yet to turn theirs in as of Thursday.

It's official: Murrieta City Councilman Randon Lane is running for another four-year term.

Of who have announced their intentions of seeking election to the Murrieta City Council in November, as of Thursday incumbent Lane was the lone candidate to have submitted the required paperwork, according to Murrieta City Clerk Kay Vinson.

Others who have pulled election packets from City Hall include Harry Ramos, David Meuting and John Paul Serbin. Mayor Doug McAllister's term is expiring along with Lane's, but he has not yet announced whether he intends to run again.

There are two seats up for election, so Lane will need to defeat any contenders to keep his.

Lane, 43, said he is seeking office again because he wants to continue working toward improving the city's infrastructure and public safety.

"I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to serve at the local level because you get to see decisions you make happen," Lane said. "I have made decisions on the California Oaks and Clinton Keith projects and the Jefferson Avenue widening. I have seen decisions I've helped make take effect and improve people's lives."

He went on to say that while he has been in office, the city opened its fifth fire station, and has added officers to the police force.

There are other things he would still like to see happen, such as breaking ground on The Triangle. A commercial project has long been planned for the large chunk of acreage where Interstates 15 and 215 meet in Murrieta.

"I would like to see that come to fruition," Lane said. "It is not just about the next four years, but what I leave to the future generations of Murrieta."

If re-elected, Lane said this would be his second and last term.

However, he would able to serve one more under the new term limits if he chose to. Measure C, which was approved by voters in 2010, limits council terms to two consecutive. However, city council voted to make the term limits effective as of the 2010 election and Lane was elected in 2008.

Interested candidates

Editor's Note: Patch plans to provide coverage of all official candidates leading up to the November election.

Nancy Knight August 02, 2012 at 01:17 AM
John, Randon is upset that anyone would think of the retribution angle that you brought up in reply to Gorilla. He apparently didn't know it was you who raised the issue as a viable rationale for what can happen to people in Murrieta who disagree with the powers that be.
Nancy Knight August 02, 2012 at 01:20 AM
Randon I have 3 of these "Not Read: replies that arrived in my email box. As you can see the "Not read": replies indicated to me that you did not read my messages. You apparently followed the replies as staff sent a "reply all" to everyone I had addressed. In addition, you did not follow up to any of us that objected to the Research Park zoning during the General Plan review and you have not given me a direct answer to today's question of "Are you ready to intervene and bring an agenda item before the council to reconsider this wrongful taking of our property rights?" So you see, there is the proof that you are not "happy to sit down and discuss anything".
Nancy Knight August 02, 2012 at 01:32 AM
Dear citizens of Murrieta, Imagine having your home rezoned to Research Park and then have staff tell you they can't give you or your real estate agent any formal document that defines what reserach park means in terms of "permitted use". Are any of the council members fit to serve the citizens of this community when they rezone property without knowing what it means?
C. Maran August 21, 2012 at 04:10 PM
According to the above comments, it appears that Mr. Lane 'selectively' decides which problems and citizens he will address and reply to. We need someone that listens to ALL concerns, big or small, and address them in a timely fashion. Even if the reply is, "this is not a priority issue at the moment, but I will look into it and get back to you."
Nancy Knight August 21, 2012 at 05:15 PM
As "The Gorilla" wrote above on July 28, "Platitudes and listening are worthless Mr. Lane when contrasted with your real actions and motives". I agree the time to sit down and talk is worthless when my neighbors and I need action. All of the data has been given to Lane and all councilmembers yet not one is willing to correct the errors at city hall. Lane doesn't even know what he voted for. On August 2 Lane emails the City Manager, "Rick, Is Mrs. Knights property zoned research park?" Then the city wants to call it Professional Office since they DO have that in the development code but professional office is not what the updated zoning map indicates ( map that was still not posted on the city website on Aug 2, 2012. Worse Planning staff, Kinser writes, "We are preparing, for a future public hearing, a clean-up that will actually change the historic office name of "Professional Commercial" to "Office" and enhance "Professional Commercial" by adding some additional uses." And the City Manager now writes "Staff will not be responding any further to your e-mails as we believe we can best address your questions in person." I did that before, on Feb 24, 2010 with over a dozen staff members in attendance. No documentation that way and they speak in circles with NO action on the items at hand except to deny citizen rights without legal rationale. Why can't we get answers in writing? One staffer said to my real estate agent "It's complicated". Corruption is more likely!


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