Marriage, Business License Fees Going up in Riverside County

Marriage licenses will go from $68 to $90 effective Dec. 7.

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors this week authorized the Assessor-Clerk-Recorder's Office to hike the fees charged for marriage certificates, fictitious business licenses and other county-issued documents to cover the agency's operational costs.

"The bottom line is the services we provide cost money," county Assessor Larry Ward told the board. "I don't like to raise fees, but if we're going to continue to provide the services, we need the increases."

Ward said after a "comprehensive" review of departmental operations, it was determined that fee adjustments were necessary. The revised fee schedule unanimously approved by the board today mandates the following:

-- marriage license increases from $68 to $90;

-- duplicate marriage license from $25 to $28;

-- weekday marriage ceremony from $65 to $75;

-- Saturday ceremony from $90 to $113;

-- fictitious business name registration from $35 to $58;

-- request for a public record from 50 cents to $1; and

-- notary public registration from $44 to $61.

Fees will remain the same or decrease for several services, including certifying a copy of any filed paper (unchanged at $1.75) and providing a man's wedding band (unchanged at $20).

During a public hearing on the proposed fee changes last month, Temecula resident Paul Jacobs told the board it was pricing some services out of proportion to what neighboring counties are charging, particularly for conducting marriages.

"I did not know family values could be a victim of inflation," Jacobs said.

Supervisor Jeff Stone defended the increases at the time, saying that without them, the county would have to subsidize the delivery of services by drawing down the general fund.

The new rates are effective Dec. 7.

See a complete schedule of fees by clicking on the pdf attached to this article.


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