LETTER TO THE EDITOR: It's Time to Fire Rancho Water District

"It's time to fire Rancho Water District and assign EMWD as the new manager of the Santa Rosa Facility."

Friends & Neighbors,  

It's time to fire the Rancho Water District from maintaining and operating the Santa Rosa Sewage Disposal Plant.

Background: EVMWD and WMWD are under contract to use the Rancho operated Santa Rosa Facility. Rancho doesn't operate their disposal plant as efficiently as does EMWD. 

Because of this Rancho, EVMWD and WMWD ratepayers pay 50 percent or more for their monthly sewer charges.  

EMWD operates and maintains the Temecula Valley Regional Water Reclamation Facility and services various sections of Murrieta, Murrieta Hot Springs and Temecula.  

Across the entire of Riverside County, EMWD appears to supply the most cost efficient operation and maintenance of sewer systems.  

All of the infrastructure for both water and sewers is owned by the taxpayers of the State of California. The taxpayers through their legislators have created multiple organizations to manage and operate the water and sewer infrastructure. 

Rancho Water District is obviously not managing our sewer system as efficiently as EMWD.   

It's time to fire Rancho Water District and assign EMWD as the new manager of the Santa Rosa Facility. This will correct most of the rate discrepancies  currently existing here in the Temecula Valley.    

Douglas Vander Heide

23791 Via Barletta

Murrieta, CA 92562


Linda Loughner September 18, 2012 at 06:31 AM
Excessive sewer and water charges need to stop! What does it take for our elected officials to take action for immediate resolution? My water usage charge plus fees and taxes every month does not come close to the amount that I am paying for sewer charges. Someone is making a lot of money off of customers! Linda Loughner
Nancy McKenzie September 18, 2012 at 09:16 PM
I agree with Mr. Vanderheide and with all the previous comments. We have too many water companies! We need to eliminate Rancho and lower our water/sewer bills. Nancy McKenzie
Joe Hendershott September 20, 2012 at 06:14 PM
I am a native southern Californian and in my 87 years I.ve never experienced sewer charges as high as those from EVMWD. They obviously charge a flat rate of $1.40 per day which equates to about 65% of my total water bill. Operators of the other sewage disposal plant in our area are charging about 60% less according to figures I've received recently. This seems somewhat outrageous. Obviously our Local politicans are not protecing their constituants or communicating the reasons for such a difference in sewer charges. Joe Hendershott, Colony resident
Sylvia Sexton September 23, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Mr. Vander Heide has put many hours into this problem as many Colony residents know and appreciate. EVMWD has over charged us for years! What is it going to take to make them accountable? Sylvia Sexton/Hildreth Barrett
Shawn Michael Bennett August 07, 2013 at 11:05 PM


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