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Jeffries, Stone Invite Public to Reception

The reception will be held prior to the swearing-in ceremony.

Supervisor-elect Kevin Jeffries and Supervisor Jeff Stone announced Friday that they will host a free reception preceding the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 8.

The reception—which will begin at 8 a.m. at the County Administrative Center—will give the public an opportunity to meet with both elected officials.

The former state assemblyman, who will represent Lake Elsinore and Wildomar, also said it was an "opportunity" to thank supporters.

Jeffries said he plans to hold another reception in Lake Elsinore in the future.

Michelle Randall January 02, 2013 at 06:48 PM
Actually, Roberto, it sounds more like I failed you. I was one of Supervisor Buster's Trails Committee members for about 6 years. Do you know Gary Andre from your area? He was the Trails Committee member for everything south of hwy 74 . When he left because of his health I had the whole district. I responded to anyone who contacted me, but unfortunately, I am not clairvoyant. I do know that Sup Buster was responsible in your area for adding a section of conserved land to the Santa Rosa Plateau, acquiring Sylvan Meadows and more recently, improving the Visitor's Center. The way I have assured parks and trails in my part of the District has been to meet with Park Dept. staff and developers, then get my buns to their Planning Commission hearings. Did you do that, or are you mad that Sup Buster didn't read your mind and do it for you? Just a few days ago, I heard that Jeffries replaced our outstanding parks, trails and open spaces orientated Planning Commissioner, John Roth, with a lady who is an employee of major developers. I expect this district to rapidly go to hell in a handbasket. With this, Roberto, I'm going to release you from this discussion. I want to tell you that it has been a pleasure having an exchange of ideas with a clearly intelligent person who is able to carry on a conversation without a bunch of mudslinging and personal insults. Thank you.
Roberto January 02, 2013 at 07:46 PM
No problem. Yes, I'm very familiar with the Trails, Parks and open space, nature conservancy etc. Most of us have full time jobs and unlike developers whose job it is 24/7 to wear out pencils and short change us before they move on to their next victims. I'll find out who this lady is and make sure she's held accountable to our area since I don't know anything about her. It would be nice if all the Quimby fee's collected in for our area for parks were there but my guess is they disappeared into the general fund a long time ago along with all the flood control property deeded as parks in lieu of Quimby fee's. Take care and yes I know how difficult it is to plan for our communities when only this developers have a say and "It's mitigated to a level of insignificance" Kevin Jefferies is very familiar the conservancy and what happened to parks land in our community. This is an issue he cannot plead ignorance to and neither can Lake Elsinore Mayor Bob Magee a close friend of his. I look forward to our are area's coming out of foreclosure with well planned, compatible development and mitigation measures with teeth.
General Disarray January 06, 2013 at 07:27 PM
Lame claim, Michelle. Care to tell the readers how much money "RSA front man" Jeffries got from them? ZERO. They hated him as much as they hated Buster, and actively recruited Soubirous to run against him. You can blame the big, bad unions for Buster's defeat if you want, but it was simply time for him to go.
General Disarray January 06, 2013 at 07:28 PM
Except the unsubstantiated allegation that Jeffries is in their pocket--something that has absolutely no evidence behind it whatsoever.
Michelle Randall January 07, 2013 at 07:33 PM
Dear "General Disarray" aka "too chicken to put his/her name out for a real discussion", my phone rang off the hook with folks who identified themselves as " Riverside County Sheriff's Officers" promoting Jeffries and dissing Supervisor Buster as a "Cop Hater". That's just a fact. My neighbor (whose property has lowered property values in this neighborhood) was recruited by a person he says was Jeffries staff with promises of making his Code Violations go away. This is not sour grapes, but reality. The Sheriff's Association told its union members it would spend any amount of money to get rid of Buster, who's tough stand on retirement has been a long standing thorn in the Union's side. It's time to put your big-boy pants on and realize that a major part of dirty politics is the untracable and time honored I.O.U.


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