He's Back: Murrieta Council Contenders Include Tea Party Ex-Marine

Among nine possible contenders for two seats are Temecula's former city manager and Gary Stein, who filed candidacy papers less than a week after saying he wouldn't run

Contenders for two Murrieta City Council seats now have until Aug. 15 to file their papers for the Nov. 6 election, but the list of possible candidates continues to grow. Among those filing their candidacy papers on Friday were Gary Stein, the Tea Party ex-Marine.

The former Marine sergeant, who prompted controversy , had announced earlier this week that he seek election to Murrieta City Council.

Patch However, Stein said Aug. 5 he chose not to proceed.

"My wife and I talked it over and decided it is probably not the best time for our family," Stein told Patch then. "But I am going to be at every city council meeting because there are a lot of ridiculous things being done to the citizens of Murrieta."

He apparently reversed course; City Clerk A. Kay Vinson said Friday that Stein has filed papers. It has not yet been determined yet whether he qualifies for the November ballot. Others who have filed papers to declare their candidacies are Joel Phillips, Jr., and David Mueting.

Council member Randon Lane is running for re-election; he has qualified for the ballot. After Doug McAllister said he was not running for re-election, the nomination period was extended to 5:30 p.m. on August 15, the city clerk said.

According to the clerk, others who have pulled papers, signaling a possible run, but have not yet filed them are Harry Ramos, John Paul Serbin, Victor Marx, Paul Clay, and Shawn Nelson, the former longtime Temecula city manager who retired last year.

The city clerk advises: Nomination papers and a candidate packet may be obtained from the City Clerk between 7:30 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Wednesday at Murrieta City Hall, 1 Town Square, Murrieta, CA.  The candidate packet, minus the official filing form and application, is available on the city’s website at:  http://www.murrieta.org/cityhall/clerk/elections.asp.  However, to obtain the official filing form, you must contact the City Clerk department.  Since the process takes approximately one hour, please call 951-461-6035 to schedule an appointment.

john smith August 12, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Gary Stein starts his race for a seat by lying to the people of Murrieta! He says above among many things "my career ended with honor" That a bold face LIE gary stein. You were dismissed from the USMC in a time of war with a rating of "Other then Honerable" It's the rating they give those that disgraced the Corps and military. Is what they do when they say you're out and they refuse to allow you in any position of leadedership or responsibility. Folks the USMC knew this guy was trouble and they kicked him out with a nasty rating and discharge. He lies to all of you above and says his career ended with honor. Gary Stein cannot be trusted in any position of authority or leadership. If the USMC went to such drastic measures in a time of war you know this guy is bad news. Next, read his page and many can share screen shots of him and his crowd, attacking gays, hispanics, women that breast feed for starters. A guy who says he founded the facebbok page (he does not run any registered tea party) that has comments like this "lets put a rope around Obamas neck" "one well placed round could solve our problems". This is a guy the secret service and homeland security should be watching becuase of the hate and calls for violence on his page. You want to know about stein? Google the term "gary stein racist" Thats Gary Stein Murrietta and this is my 1st amendment opinon of a self proclaimed public figure wanting to hold office.
Fast Eddy August 12, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Oh please...don't we already have enough issues in Murrieta without bringing this "X'd" Marine into the game? Now let's go look at the rest of the candidates then vote for the lessor of two/three/four evils. Just saying...
William Z. Cohen August 14, 2012 at 07:25 PM
Gary Stein states "I have shown my dd214 show my first enlistment ended honorably thus I will receive all veteran benefits." No Gary Stein, you cannot pick and choose which DD214 you want to show the people. You choose the very LAST DD214...upon discharge from the military. AGAIN, you have an issue with honesty. You cannot tell the truth or the whole truth for the life of you. How did you manage to pick up the rank of sergeant with the serious honesty issues you have? You are a LIAR. You have been a liar for a long time and you contine to lie. You go ahead and run for whatever office you want, you dishonest, selfish little twit and rest assured, there are those who will give to your opponents all the information that is necessary to reveal you for what you are. You are simply the "wolf in sheep's clothing". You like to prey upon the sheep out there who are too weak willed to follow their own heart so you preach the "Chicken Little" style so others will come looking for protection. How does your mother and father deal with you and all of your problems? Did you lie a lot to them as well? I have no clue what is wrong with you but your parents failed you and you then in turn fail your family with your "Other Than Honorable" discharge from the Marine Corps. You are by far oine of the most pathetic individuals I have ever heard about. Wake up and get a real life.
Jo Mama August 20, 2012 at 11:00 PM
This is great... He's not a citizen of Murrieta! Gary Stein 12:50 pm on Saturday, August 11, 2012 If folks would like to contact me they can email me at info@garysteinforcitycouncil.com. Otherwise I will no long be commenting on this thread since the people that will taking it over are not citizens of murrieta and have nothing better to do then to argue.
lonnirenee October 18, 2012 at 08:09 AM
Gary Stein, sweetie, those folks you banned from your site just following you everywhere you go. Cant get rid of them. Mmm.. I tell you your words will hunt you. If you did seek election, you gave your political opponents something to fight on against you...YOUR WORDS.


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