Happy New Year, California! State Welcomes 873 New Laws

Gov. Jerry Brown signed nearly 1,000 bills into law in 2012; there's 873 new laws for 2013.

Job-hunters no longer need to worry about sanitizing their Facebook pages before applying for work, thanks to two new laws that will go in effect on Tuesday.

The social media privacy laws protect job-seekers and prospective students from sharing social media user names and password during the application process.

Those laws are among the 873 regular session bills Gov. Jerry Brown signed in 2012; many will take effect Jan. 1, 2013.


  • Eliminating on-the-job discrimination is the focus of two new laws. One expands the definition of "sex" under the Fair Employment and Housing Act to include breastfeeding. The other clarifies that the state's discrimination laws make reasonable accommodations for religious dress and grooming practices.
  • AB 2370 replaces "mental retardation" with "intellectual disability."

'Good Samaritan' Overdose Prevention Law

This law encourages people to call 9-1-1 and seek medical help for someone experiencing a drug or alcohol overdose without fear of being prosecuted for minor drug crimes.

"Reassuring all Californians that calling 9-1-1 is safe and the right thing to do when someone’s life is on the line is essential," Meghan Ralston, harm reduction manager for the Drug Policy Alliance, said.

She also pointed out that this isn't a get-of-jail-free card. Drug dealers and motorists driving under the influence would still face legal ramifications.

Banning Therapies to 'Cure' Gay Minors

The law states therapists can't provide minors with therapy intended to change their sexual orientation. California is the first in the nation to prohibit such practices.

This includes former State Senator Joseph Simitian sponsored SB 1303 , establishes statewide standards for traffic enforcement cameras, and makes it easier to challenge unjustified tickets.


  • Senate Bill 1538 will require that following a mammogram, women be informed if they have dense breast tissue; that dense breast tissue can make it harder to evaluate the results of a mammogram; that it is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer; that information about breast density is given to discuss with their doctor; and that a range of screening options are available. (Becomes law April 1, 2013.)
  • This bill continues to allow voluntary contributions to two popular cancer research tax check-off funds. Senate Bill 1359 extends the voluntary contribution check-offs on state tax forms for the California Breast Cancer Research Program and the California Cancer Research Fund for five years. Without SB 1359, these popular check-offs would have expired on January 1, 2013. (Becomes law on January 1, 2013.)

Proposition 30

State sales tax increases a quarter-cent Jan. 1, a voter-approved measure that will fund public safety and education. The law also ups income taxes for those who make more than $250,000 of taxable income annually.

Look up all of the new laws in this state database.

tom January 01, 2013 at 02:21 PM
Hey we paid a lot of money for this !
LBV Collins January 01, 2013 at 02:46 PM
"Banning Therapies to 'Cure' Gay Minors" Humph... Well, at least they still allow bloodletting... right? RIGHT!?!
Theotis January 01, 2013 at 04:11 PM
AB2370 replaces " Mental Retardation" with " Liberalism"
Theotis January 01, 2013 at 04:12 PM
Thus confirming the new word " LiboTard"
LBV Collins January 01, 2013 at 04:29 PM
Good morning, Theotis, and Happy New Year. I have read some of your comments before... even agreed with you a time or two, I believe... but when you introduce name-calling into your perspectives, it weakens your argument (in my opinion). I encourage you to make your points and share your perspective... without name-calling.
Patrick January 01, 2013 at 04:58 PM
C'mon now.. Theotis didn't get nasty or vulgar. He certainly didn't plunge to the depths where popeye lingers.
Galactic Cannibal January 01, 2013 at 05:13 PM
Dude ; Its all about PI and BS in manipulating the English Language, to go along with PI. The AIDD have defined intellectual disability to mean the same thing as mental retardation. In my crude world, you qualify for a Lunatic Asylum or you do not. None of this mamby - pamby shit. Or this demeaning nonsense.
LBV Collins January 01, 2013 at 05:27 PM
Agreed, Patrick... And if I thought Popeye could be convinced to restrain from name calling, I'd also encourage him to do so. But Popeye doesn't seem interested in engaging in intellectual arguments. (I could be wrong... and hope I am... but I don't think so, because I've never seen it.)
sam January 01, 2013 at 06:28 PM
Mammograms are worthless and painfull, Thermography is safer and exposes many early problems.throughout your entire body.
Theotis January 01, 2013 at 09:47 PM
Once again there is a LiboTard taking away my freedom of speech
LBV Collins January 01, 2013 at 09:54 PM
In case you''re responding to me, Theotis, two points: 1. I'm not a liberal; I'm a conservative. 2. I'm not taking away your freedom of speech. I'm just encouraging to consider that name-calling weakens your argument and turns people away from considering your point of view.
Imperfect Man January 01, 2013 at 10:03 PM
Yes, "we" did and WILL pay a lot of money for these new laws. And the many laws that go into effect every year. In the case of these 873 new laws, IF and that is a BIG if.. each new law only cost California tax payers $1,000 that would be an increased burden on tax payers of $873,000 dollars a year. But, many of us already know that our laws cost substantially more than $1,000 a year to maintain. And Californians just keep voting in higher taxes, voting back in the people who love to spend and pass more laws. But hey, we're all "entitled" aren't we..????? Who's going to pay when everyone gets what they are entitled to? We already know, those making these new laws aren't going to pay. So I ask again, "Who's going to pay"? I think someone in California needs to wake up and begin requiring our State Government to "GOVERN" and not spend so much time and money coming up with new laws. We don't have the resources to continue supporting whatever our government can imagine and write on paper. 745 new laws for 2012 725 new laws fro 2011 696 new laws for 2010 That's 3039 NEW laws generated by our California government in the last four years. And the cost of defending some of those laws in court??? Well.. I guess it doesn't really matter, Californians don't care.. We will get what we are entitled to..
Patrick January 01, 2013 at 10:32 PM
I, too, am a conservative. Theotis, we are better than that. If you follow the news regularly, you know that it's the left who shuts down -or redirects- any debate, questioning, or criticism, by calling names, accusing racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and so on... It's your choice to stoop to the same level or not.
Adrian January 01, 2013 at 11:22 PM
Don't you get it, Collins? We don't dare offer view of dissent. Don't you know that the 1st offers immunity for the content of our speech. We can't react honestly to speech, we must agree. Once an opinion is expressed, the content becomes public domain, but we cannot react as we see fit. Ok...my sarcasm well has run dry for the day. Theo, questioning the content of your speech does not constitute an infringement on your right to speak it!
Theotis January 02, 2013 at 12:17 AM
OK Jeff, chuckle chuckle.
Michael January 02, 2013 at 01:04 AM
Did you know there's a law in Temecula where ducks have the right away on Rancho California road because that's where the duck pond is.
Theotis January 02, 2013 at 01:05 AM
LBV, with all due respect you are much more of the man I will ever be if you have never name called.Look up " retarded" and see how close the description goes with liberal thought,2 steps forward 4 steps back. I own and run 2 businesses in which every month/quarter/year I balance a check book, pay my suppliers and taxes while also keeping people employed throughout 4 states.Thats what a conservative is to me. LiboTards like to continue to spend money that is not theirs nor are they concerned about ever paying it back.If I offend you with my posts then maybe you shouldn't read them but please don't tell me what I can or can't do as it makes you come off as a LiboTard. I will try to get LiboTard into the Urban Dictionary where you will find pictures of Shane errrr Jeff K and that inbred popeye clown. Happy New Year
Dog January 02, 2013 at 01:13 AM
I dunno LBV, been reading your posts for awhile now and you have never struck me as a conservative, frankly, I've always seen you as not just a liberal but pretty close to a flaming liberal...
Liberal conservative January 02, 2013 at 02:48 AM
Perfect example of a government runout of control. Is there any party left out there which wants to reign in over reach and expansion of government?
Timber January 02, 2013 at 03:38 AM
I have taken a look at some of the nuts and bolts of SB 1303 relating to Red Light Cameras (Automated Traffic Enforcement Systems) and things are not designed to help 'the people'. This bill which has now become law for 2013 has made it legislatively permissible to separate you from Due Process by not allowing you to exercise your 6th Amendment Right to confront your accusers in open court, AKA the Confrontation Clause. Even thought SCOTUS has ruled upon this an untold number of individuals will now be subjected to a system that will NOT tolerate this long standing Right of Confrontation. Allowing the government the ability to use such systems that no longer are subject to scrutiny of their proper operation provides for an efficient way to separate you from your hard earned property we call money. Now someone, or a group, capable of defeating this tyrannical act will now have to tie up the court systems time in order to restore this invaluable long standing principle. Laws that are unconstitutional are null and void from their inception. This is what is known as 'freedom requires eternal vigilance' put forth by Thomas Jefferson. Continued...
Timber January 02, 2013 at 03:39 AM
...Continued http://paloaltofreepress.com/california-senate-passes-unconstitutional-law/ Text of SB 1303 http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201120120SB1303 (3) Existing law, known as the hearsay rule, provides that, at a hearing, evidence of a statement that was made other than by a witness while testifying at the hearing and that is offered to prove the truth of the matter stated is INADMISSIBLE, … ...The bill would expressly state that the printed representation of computer-generated information, video, or photographic images stored by an automated traffic enforcement system does not constitute an out-of-court hearsay statement by a declarant.
popeye January 02, 2013 at 03:59 AM
It actually Repubitard. ha ha ha Losser.....
Timber January 02, 2013 at 03:59 AM
Imperfect Man, hope everyone has the ability to memorize the new 873 laws for this year AND not violate them. On average, we should be able to understand 2.4 laws per day until the end of this year to cover the new laws. LMAO
Theotis January 02, 2013 at 04:38 AM
I went with my inSTINKS and I was right, so LBV is a LiboTard? Pro Feinstein, pelosi, boxer, waters etc.....Figures
Theotis January 02, 2013 at 04:42 AM
Nope,for the most part all politicians are Hedonists.
popeye January 02, 2013 at 04:47 AM
Theotis bsngs his mom. Ha ha ha
Vic January 02, 2013 at 05:15 AM
Really, Jeff? Taking the high road?!!! Personal attacks are your M.O. Seems like it's the only way you can get attention anymore. How does it compare with sex??? 'Cause I'm sure you get off on it!!!
LBV Collins January 02, 2013 at 04:24 PM
Good morning, Dog. Well, I can accept that you think I may be a "flaming liberal." Seem some conservatives view me that way. But I suggest that what you interpret as flaming liberal may be better described as Libertarian. Nonetheless, I've always tried to make it clear that I'm a fiscal conservative and social progressive... and clearly not an ultra-conservative Tea Partier. I don't adhere to any particular ideology, Democrat nor Republican nor Libertarian. And the particular "Party" view I adopt depends on the issue. So depending on the issue, someone could classify me as a Democrat or Republican or Libertarian. However, in general terms (using today's Republican litmus test), I am classified as a RINO... which is fine with me. And I'm willing to provide more insight, if you have questions.
Adrian January 02, 2013 at 06:27 PM
GC, I am just pointing out how ridiculous it is that, in an attempt to be more "politically correct", the legislature adopted a term that is potentially more demoralizing.
SPB January 02, 2013 at 08:28 PM
Everything sucks and one day we're all gonna die... Happy New Year!!!


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