EMWD Posts Unclaimed Monies List

Eastern Municipal Water District has nearly $75,000 in unclaimed money. Check its list to see if any belongs to you.

The following is a news release submitted by Eastern Municipal Water District:

Eastern Municipal Water District regularly posts a list of customers/developers who have unclaimed money being held for them by the District. This unclaimed money relates to refunds associated with the closing of water accounts, water efficiency rebates, refunds of deposits to developers upon completion of projects, etc.

The District attempts to locate the current address and contact these customers/developers, but is sometimes unsuccessful due to lack of a forwarding address, companies closing, businesses and residents filing for bankruptcy, or for other reasons. In addition, the District performs a search in its customer database to see if the customer has an active account the unclaimed money can be applied toward.

Public notice laws require unclaimed funds to be published in a local newspaper of record; and after three years, any remaining unclaimed money may be returned to the District’s general fund.

EMWD goes beyond the public notice requirement by posting the information online and continuously updating it throughout the year as well as including information in its customer newsletter.

EMWD’s Board of Directors is tentatively scheduled to vote on Jan. 16, 2013, to release any eligible unclaimed money into the District’s general fund.

To view the listing of unclaimed money in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, please log onto www.emwd.org/unclaimedmonies. To claim an amount shown on this list, customers/developers must download and submit the Unclaimed Money Claim Form.


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