City Granted Injunction Against Marijuana Co-op

Greenhouse Cannabis Club was ordered Friday not to distribute marijuana to more than two patients.

The city of Murrieta was granted a preliminary injunction Friday against a medical marijuana cooperative operating despite a local ban.

The order precludes distribution of medical marijuana to two or more persons at Greenhouse Cannabis Club, said Murrieta City Attorney Jeff Morris, reached by phone Friday. It also allows the city to conduct reasonable inspections to determine whether the club—at 26151 Jefferson Ave., Suite A—is following the order.

"That means in total," Morris said, regarding the number of patients.

Granted by Riverside County Superior Court Judge John Vineyard, the injunction comes after the same judge turned down the city's earlier request for a restraining order to shut down Greenhouse Cannabis Club because the request was "too broad."

Morris said the judge would not have granted the injunction Friday if he didn't believe the city would ultimately win its right to enforce its ban on marijuana dispensaries.

"The judge has viewed the evidence supplied, he listened...and determined there was a likelihood that the city would prevail," Morris said.

That is why the preliminary injunction was granted, Morris said, to stop the distribution of marijuana until the city wins a permanent injunction.

Eric McNeil, director of Greenhouse Cannabis Club, could not immediately be reached for comment Friday. Nor could his attorney, Richard Ackerman.

Following the hearing Friday, Ackerman told The Calfornian his interpretation of the judge's order.

"It doesn't talk about the number of employees or club members, it talks about (serving) one person at a time," Ackerman told The Californian. "So I'm advising (them) to schedule one appointment at a time."

Morris said the point was being missed.

"This was supposed to stop the distribution, but they feel the order still allows them to...we disagree," Morris said. "They are already ignoring the order, so we plan to go back to court and seek a contempt of court order."

With the three-day weekend, he said that could take a few days.

Brenda February 19, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Morris and all involved in this. It sounds like a little childish vendetta, as in I WILL WIN NO MATTER WHAT. No Matter what it does to the persons suffering who need this medication. Murrieta, Temecula, are you people seriously out of your minds with boredom that you have nothing else to argue over, debate, hire expensive lawyers, with our tax monies of course, for this? This is the most ludicrous bunch of karp I have ever watched go on and it sounds like a kids Neener Neener Neener I win game, and Morris you are at the head of the Neeners. You should be embarrassed of your law degree about right now, cause I sure as heck would be if in your "muddy shoes."' Sit back and look at what you people are doing, saying here! Does it matter? The people of the USA do not care if it is legal for medical purposes, don't you get that in your starched shirts? Just stop the little stuff, go to work on things THAT NEED help in our cities like our rise in crime which is HORRIBLE NOW. For all this money you spend on phony busts, the legal neener neener you could put 10 more officers on staff. Kids in school with drugs, booze, standing in front of school selling, snorting, huffing, injecting it, drinking it while we have police officer driving by, and one that sits in the school for heavensake. Marijuana for medical purposes is not fighting the war on drugs, the young people have went FAR beyond weed Sirs. FAR beyond, as I bet your own kids know also.
Paul February 19, 2012 at 09:38 AM
Just send me the updates
Chris February 19, 2012 at 10:16 PM
People want to get on soapboxes about the merits of medical marijuana whenever articles such as this surface, but that isn't the point. Counties/cities pushing out dispensaries has nothing to do with arguing the merits of medicinal marijuana, and I don't blame them for doing so. The fact is California's medicinal marijuana law is a joke that illegally ignores federal law, and any company/municipality that allows its sales takes a big legal risk. I do not dispute that marijuana has good medicinal qualities that can be applied to those with a legitimate need. But the way it is done here is ridiculous and is a basically thinly veiled way to allow those that want to get high a means to do so 'legally'. Yes there are those that need it, but the application of the law is a disaster. You don't see 'Vicodin shops' set up with people dressed up as giant pills trying to attract customers with doctors staffed on site to write prescriptions for all comers. And the fact is dispensaries do attract violent crime because of the reality that marijuana is still very much a part of the illicit drug market. I am 100% for legalization, medicinally and otherwise, but not the way California is doing it. I don't care for these joke dispensaries, and the crime they bring, being in my city. It needs to be legalized *federally* and treated the same as alcohol. Until then, people need to stop wasting their time fighting local municipalities. Take your argument where it matters—to the FEDS!


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