Snake Season Approaching, Murrieta Fire Chief Advises

As the weather gets warmer, the presence of snakes is expected to once again increase in Murrieta, fire Chief Matt Shobert advises.

The following is a news release from Murrieta fire Chief Matt Shobert:

As our temperatures begin to climb and we move toward spring, please be aware that snake season in Murrieta is quickly approaching. 

The same things that attract us to this great community are in many cases, the same things that make snakes abundant in our valley; these include weather and topography amongst others.

Snakes really cannot be eliminated, they were here long before us; we must learn to adapt to their presence.

The Murrieta Fire Department would like to caution our residents and visitors to be on the lookout for venomous reptiles, when outdoors, as we move toward our warmer months. Even a trip to the back porch can be dangerous. Snakes like to sun themselves on the warm concrete.

If you are bitten, remain calm and call 911 immediately! 

If your pet is bitten, seek emergency pet care.

If you see a snake on your property, please feel free to give the Murrieta Fire Department a call at 951-696-3615. We will relocate the snake at no cost.

Avoid chance encounters with snakes:

  • Keep your yard tidy by clearing away undergrowth, toys, patio furniture, wood piles and tools make great hiding places for snakes
  • Keep walkways clear of brush, flowers and shrubs
  • Clean up fruit, pet food and bird seed; all of these will attract rodents and eventually snakes
  • Keep your dog on a leash
  • Wear boots and gloves when doing yard work – look before you step or reach
  • If you come across a snake, head back the way you came
  • Do not provoke or play with snakes

When out hiking, walking or running, please consider:

  • Keep a keen eye on your surroundings and the trail ahead
  • Carry your cell phone
  • Take a partner


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