UPDATE: I-15 SB Lanes Reopened

The crash, reported at 7:49 a.m., occurred just north of the freeway's Winchester exit.

UPDATE 12:34 p.m.: All lanes were reopened Wednesday afternoong following the crash of a big rig on southbound Interstate 15, just north of the Winchester Road exit ramp.

A SigAlert remained in place until further notice for slowed traffic because of the backup caused all morning, the CHP reported.

UPDATE 11:37 a.m.:

Two right lanes of the southbound I-15 remained closed late Wednesday morning for cleanup of a wreck caused by a jack-knifed big rig, the CHP reported.


UPDATE 11:01 a.m.: A far right lane of the southbound Interstate 15 has been shut down until further notice, prompted by a crash involved a big rig, the California Highway Patrol reported Wednesday.

Authorities reported there are not hazardous materials involved.


UPDATE 8:33 a.m.: Reports of a jack-knifed semi on the southbound 15 Freeway in Temecula were coming in Wednesday morning.

The crash, reported at 7:49 a.m., is at the Winchester off-ramp.

Traffic is backed up to at least the Murrieta Hot Springs Road exit and three lanes are reportedly shut down due to the crash.

Traffic on the southbound 215 to Menifee is also jammed.

There is no word on injuries.

Druss September 13, 2012 at 09:08 PM
"jumping in at the last second, has a lot to do with it!" Correct. Anyone caught trying to cut in at the last second should be pulled from their car and shot right there on the side of the road...in front of all the other knucklheads who are considering cutting in at the last second themselves.
Druss September 13, 2012 at 09:13 PM
If you're one of the idiots who regularly tries cutting in at the last second at the Winchester off ramp please do everyone a favor and drive calmly, courteously, and within the speed limit to the nearest fatally tall cliff and drive off it. Or better yet, park at the top and jump off of it.(this way you won't harm the environment or offend any tree huggers with the smoke from your burning vehicle. kthxbye
Brenda September 14, 2012 at 01:57 AM
2nd that Druss. We preach it every single accident that is reported in the Patch. So that is not counting the ones where police are not called, nor a report taken. We go on and on and on about the drivers, some blame the freeway design. We can blame freeway, mall, store front designs all day, and that they built a huge mall and car centers right on the freeway so there is no where to Expand! Yes, the planners were ignorant, yes the City didnt plan ahead, or behind. But the main point is this, its the drivers!! We have had these same freeways, 15, 215 for years now, with the same exits, and yes more crap has been built off the ramps. We know there is not enough exit and on ramp lanes. WEALLKNOWTHIS! We are getting a few little changes done thanks to God and alot of complaining, but nothing is still going to change until the drivers stop driving like this is still CowCountry, AmIRight? You are not Parnelli Jones, or Steve McQueen in the Baja 500, its a paved freeway and roads now. Abide by being safe, considerate, no speeding, no speeding up just to cut someone off who is already either stopped or only doing 10 mph in bumper to bumper to get off that ramp. Dont act stupid like you didnt know the exit was that close!! I can read your lips saying "omg sorry I didnt know the ramp was so close"! Drive Safely, considerate, with the flow of traffic, no wreckless driving to get ahead 3 cars, seriously? One day YOU will be the one causing a DEATH, or many DEATHS.
Mikey September 14, 2012 at 03:32 AM
Come on people. The off ramps have been there for years and they have all been improved. Both Winchester and rancho have been redone. The one thing that has changed is more people. Moving from major cities and drive like dip shits. Blame the road that sits there and does nothing or the driver who is in a hurry, texting, doing make up, reading the paper, and many other senseless things while driving in traffic. I see it daily. It amazes me. Come on people you know who you are. Take it easy out there. You being in a hurry is killing people.
Michael December 01, 2012 at 09:28 PM
Do none of you guys realize they are building a new offramp? They are working on that.


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