Red-Light Runner Causes Injury Crash in Murrieta

Witnesses told police the driver of a red Ford Mustang ran a red light at Jefferson Avenue and Elm Street, causing the crash.

Two people were injured Thursday in Murrieta in a crash in which one driver is suspected of running a red light.

Murrieta police and fire personnel responded to the wreck that was reported at about 12:45 p.m. at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and Elm Street. Responding crews found two damaged vehicles—a red Ford Mustang and a white Kaiser Permanente van—at the intersection, according to Murrieta police Sgt. Jay Froboese.

Based on statements gathered from witnesses, Froboese said the driver of the Kaiser Permanente van was westbound on Elm when he entered the intersection on a green light.

"According to independent witnesses that saw the accident, the red Mustang was (traveling) north on Jefferson, then ran a red light, then slid into the driver's side of the van," Froboese said.

Both drivers complained of pain and were taken by ambulance to an area hospital, Froboese said, adding that the accident was a good reminder to stop at red lights.

"We would ask all drivers to pay particular attention to the red lights in Murrieta," Froboese said. "We recently shut down the red-light cameras and red-light issues have not been in the news lately but it is one of the types of accidents that cause the most serious injuries."

(In November 2012, Murrieta voters approved a measure to ban red-light cameras in the city.)

"We'd really appreciate—from the Police Department and the Fire Department's point of view—(for motorists) to be especially careful with running red lights or pushing the yellow light. Just make sure that you stop on the red to avoid this type of accident."

Thursday's crash was still being investigated, so it had not yet been determined whether the Mustang driver would be cited for a red-light violation, according to the sergeant.

"We didn't see any impairment so we don't believe (alcohol or drugs) are going to be an issue," Froboese said.

Rob March 07, 2013 at 07:00 AM
MSJC - Your comment reflects my experience at this exact light and our position is supported by analytical data, the pro red light side cannot, or has not, ever produced. LA took them out, Loma Linda took them out and still they insist on red light cameras because they "feel" safer. < I see this often in people who have this crazy notion that, if you aren't breaking the law you hav enothing to worry about. They say this based on checkpoints, cameras, on and on. They certainly defy, have not read, or do not comprehend Jefferson's quote, "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."
Serious Sam March 07, 2013 at 12:40 PM
@Paul at 11:51 am 3-02-2013. I watched for the "rat box" on Murrieta Hot Springs Road at the corner of Hancock as I was driving down Hancock and still about a 100 or so feet from the corner after dark. It was easy to miss it unless I figured out exactly where to look. Then it is easy to notice the tiny red light displayed when the red light goes on for the traffric on MHS Rd. The rat box ALSO displayed yellow before the red. That looked to be important for an officer to focus on prior to the red comming on. A car going 45 mph is going 66 feet per second.
Don Lambert March 09, 2013 at 11:37 AM
Here is an item of interest about running red lights. A lot of men ride bicycles in San Francisco, That is not news. A 36 year old man is accused of riding his bicyle through a red light and hitting a 71 year old man in a crosswalk causing his death. This was in the Castro district. A judge ordered him several days ago to stand trial for manslaughter.
Don Lambert March 09, 2013 at 12:50 PM
How about red light SPEEDING TICKETS? I think this deserves a separate discussion because many of the factors involved are different. This might be the only way to reign in those drivers that are weaving in and out of different trafiic lanes moving at 70 or 75 per hour so they can go 80 or 85 mph while endangering themselves and everyone else nearby them. Sometimes there appear to be 2 or 3 cars racing each other weaving in and out. It is not practical to have CHP cars weaving in and out going even faster to catch them just for speeding. The MAXIMUM speed limit on freeways is 65 mph except where it is posted as 70 mph. Before it can be posted 70 mph an engineering and traffic survey has verified it is ok, or certain design standards have been met during construction. Then the MAXIMUM speed limit is 70 mph when posted. CA VC 22356 (a) and (b) and VC 22350. Some drivers think the freeway speed limit is 70 unless it is posted 65. Wrong! Some drivers think the MAXIMUM speed limit is the same thing as the "Prima Facie" limit VC 22352, or the basic speed limit VC 22350, and they could argue it is a nice clear day without much traffic so it is OK to drive faster that the sign says. Wrong again! The speed limits listed in CA VC 22352 are "Prima Facie" limits. A person could argue in court it was OK to go faster and still be safe. "Prima Facie" does NOT APPLY to limits defined or marked as "maximum speed limit" per CA VC 22349. (You can Google the VC codes)
Don Lambert March 09, 2013 at 01:26 PM
Automated Speed-Traffic Cameras. The small community of "Elmwood Place", Ohio, popultion around 2,200, is in the news for their 2 recently installed speeding cameras. One for each direction on the two lane road through town. It gave out 6,600 speeding tickets in the first month. A local judge just issued an injunction against its use. 1. It violates due process, there is not provision for ticketed persons to cross examine the speed camera company. 2. The village did NOT have signs up warning the motorists although the signs were required by state law. 3. The device was not calibrated by a certified police officer. The news article implies the camera company collected the $105 fines and got to keep 40% of it. According to the news article 13 states already have SPEEDING light cameras and 12 states have laws prohibiting them.


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