Oceanside Pastor Accused of Sex With Minor Murrieta Girl

Matthias Anderson, 41, lead pastor of New Wine Ministries International in Oceanside, is accused of having unlawful sex with a minor Murrieta girl over a two-year period, police said today.

The award-winning lead pastor of an Oceanside church has been arrested on suspicion of having unlawful sex with a minor Murrieta girl.

Matthias Anderson, 41, of Hemet, was arrested at 7:45 a.m. today near the victim's Murrieta residence as he allegedly arrived to pick up the victim, said Murrieta police Sgt. Phil Gomez, in a news release.

Anderson was being held at Southwest Detention Center in lieu of $1 million bail, according to jail records.

The sergeant believes Anderson, president and lead pastor of New Wine Ministries International in Oceanside, met the juvenile victim through the church two years ago. 

The victim and her mother attended the church, Gomez said.

"The [alleged] sexual relationship began approximately two years ago and occurred multiple times in both Riverside and San Diego counties," Gomez said.

Based on the investigation, detectives suspect there is a possibility of additional victims in the Oceanside area.   

A bio page on the church website says Anderson is married and the father of six.

In 2002, Anderson, a Marine sergeant, received the City of Oceanside’s Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Award.

Anyone with information regarding the investigation was asked to call Sgt. Phil Gomez at 951-461-6356 or Detective John Therien at 951-461-6346. After hours, the on-duty watch commander can be contacted at 951-696-3615. 

Beverly Tulowetzke Castagna November 15, 2011 at 04:19 AM
Well the Blog is not letting me sign in ~ But what I have to say is to the children of GOD @ NEW WINE MINISTRIES= your trust & Faith should be in GOD alone, not man. I know when something like this happens close to home we have denial as woman of abuse shows: PLease dont loose your Faith in the LORD< we have evil forces fighting Good everyday it is not for you to challenge your Faith, There is an innocent child who has been abused by {man} not GOD - We need to stand firm against these pedafiles who hide themselves in sheeps clothing and flock to hurt those who follow Christ. OUR LORD has brought this into the lite for you to take hold of whats Good and challenge only whats in this world, not what our LORd offers you ! Do NOT Flock to the Evil in man and give up your place with GOD by defending this man who is in custody ~ For He is the Evil who dwells in your House ! This is what Jesus warns us of " the true Wolves in Sheeps colthing. We are the Lamb of our Father and He will protect us when we follow HIS LITE ~{ Not the Man}. I have attended this church. Do not Loose your Faith. This is Truth & GOD brought it to your attention !! about a minute ago · Like Write a comment...
Beverly Tulowetzke Castagna November 15, 2011 at 08:02 AM
Remember : The Devil is a Liar and remember he walks in all shapes, sizes & colors.. he will have you believe things against your own family,friends, church and he knows if he can get in your head~ he will use anyone or anything with weaknesses. Stand firm in the name of our LORD "Y'SHUA` Jesus Christ our LORD & Savior ! Do not dwell where satan sits & LIES ! Right now these are the end times and satan is trying to show how he can ruin lives, victimize as many Christians as possible. Well satan guess what ~ YOU WILL NOT WIN < for I am my Fathers child and He has enough patience to wait for every human in existence to be a Christian and folllow His words. When its over its over. You can hurt us in this world only if we allow it~ and when I wake up I STOMP YOU OUT EVERYDAY ! I can overcome all things through Christ Jesus and will not fall prey to your games, afyter this world is done ~ So Are YOU !!!!!!!!
soilderinGodsarmy November 18, 2011 at 09:44 PM
How sad. @darkchocolatefresh you feel this way. U must've been hurt or your faith is not strong in God. Member we are not to have faith in man...but God only. and yes we are to pray!!! For all parties involved. God bless u all, my sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus.
Tim Garcia March 25, 2012 at 06:57 PM
New Wine Ministries and Christians in general are so mislead. Christians think they are better than everyone else...The congregation members at New Wine Ministries(Vicki King Specifically) even frequents local bars. I know because I have been with her! New Wine ministries is a disgrace to the religious community. In fact, Christians in general are brainwashed, mislead and attempt to mislead others.
The other side of me! March 31, 2012 at 09:58 PM
His deacons and Elders are just as bad. They cover up for him and their church. They lie in the name of God to save theirselves from the truth! These are not baseless allegations. I have experienced Vicki King, Dahl and Matthias first hand. They are all equal. they are all pieces of #$&%! Someone needs to close that safe-haven for pedophiles,drug addicts and homeless people down...And, they should put matthias in with general population so they can turn him out! They will get to him anyways. Protective Custody is not fullproof. They will get this monster. And, I hope the young lady that was abused by Matthias and the New Wine crew can find some peace and happiness... Sue those sick bastards at New Wine.... Someone needs to put a stop to them!!!1


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