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Murrieta Police Increase Security, Send Officers to Assist in Dorner Manhunt

Three Murrieta officers, including a K9 unit, were as of Friday morning en route to San Bernardino County to assist in the massive manhunt for Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer suspected in three killings.

The Murrieta Police Department is exercising extra security in the city and at schools in light of the multi-state and county manhunt underway for 33-year-old Christopher Dorner, a disgruntled ex-Los Angeles police officer suspected in three killings.

"We added extra security for schools and we have extra patrols working the city," said Murrieta police Lt. Rob Firmes on Friday morning.

Additionally, Firmes said three Murrieta officers, including a K9 unit, were en route to assist in the search for Dorner that since Thursday has been concentrated in the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear.

Dorner's 2005 Nissan pickup truck was found burned out Thursday in Big Bear, according to authorities.

Dorner is suspected in the ambush killing of a Riverside police officer early Thursday and the double-killing of a young couple in Irvine.

David Shisler February 10, 2013 at 01:15 AM
I read Dorners Manifesto. When you read it, it shows he is educated, in pictures he is usually smiling, a very likeable guy, but reading the manifesto also shows he was thin skinned, he gave times as far back as first grade and being called a racial name and how it effected him and the juctice he wanted. Here he wanted so badly to be a Los Angeles Police Officer, of all places L A, a place loaded with gang violence, racial violence, all types of hatred, officers are called names, spit at, sucker punched, you name it, it comes with the job. Look at some of these postings, first you have the 90% that are law abiding and appreciate the job law enforcement try to do, and the 10% that just can't stay out of trouble and have no respect what so ever for law enforcement. I would like to know more about the case or cases that the pd had against him which caused him to be fired from L A P D, there is more to it than what he states, he said he had his post certificate so why didn't he just try to get onto another PD. that happens all the time. And then to blame his lawyer to justify murdering two totally innocent young people, our law enforcement officers needs to catch this guy.
Jess February 10, 2013 at 08:49 AM
Murrieta Police Department are a team of dedicated and highly trained officers. If anyone can catch a killer; Murrieta PD has the experience to get the job done.
Jane Gray February 10, 2013 at 09:37 PM
If the "Academy" teaches that people who visit a prison is "digging in the garbage", they are training men and women to hate others or pre judge them. This is taught at our Sacto Police academy. When will people realize we need to be supportive of families, let alone the prisoners , to help them re unite into our free society? If we treat them all as "garbage" we are harming our society as a whole.
Jane Gray February 10, 2013 at 09:40 PM
I am sure that there are many many good officers in the Murrieta police Department and we do recognize this. They are protecting us for the most part,,,,, and I believe there are those who need to not be police, they are in it for Money/large take home paychecks, over time and security financially. I am glad I have the police dept. and I know that probably most are not corrupt in Murrieta, but LA is a completely different story, they have had corruption for years.
Christian February 14, 2013 at 06:51 PM
WOW, you have to much faith in your government. Kind a sad.... I am a good citizen never been in trouble with the law but my eyes are open enough to know about whats been going on with some of these corrupted officers and you should try opening yours. Your using sarcasm LOL but little do you know whats really going on... Dorner would have said to much and im more than positive it would left you dumbfounded. So, that being said go ahead and take you sarcasm and shove it! !


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