Jury Convicts Ex-Marine of Torturing Girlfriend; Beating Recorded on Voicemail

Anthony Eugene Rollins faces a potential life sentence.

Anthony Eugene Rollins. Photo/Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.
Anthony Eugene Rollins. Photo/Riverside County Sheriff's Dept.

A jury has found a Murrieta man who once worked as a Marine gunnery sergeant guilty of all charges in a torture and domestic violence case involving his former live-in girlfriend.

Jurors at Southwest Justice Center near Murrieta began deliberating the fate of Anthony Eugene Rollins, 34, on Tuesday, according to John Hall, spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

The verdict, which found Rollins guilty of torture, two counts of domestic violence, and dissuading a witness, was announced just before noon Thursday, Hall said.

Jurors also found true a sentence-enhancing allegation of inflicting great bodily injury on the woman who only discovered what happened to her after she listened to a voicemail of the attack that was unintentionally recorded.

The woman, whose identity was protected in court documents, discovered that key piece of evidence on her cellphone a few weeks after the Dec. 1, 2012 incident.

She had been hospitalized with head trauma that included a skull fracture and bleeding to her brain after waking up the next morning and not feeling good, according to Murrieta police statements.

She had no memory of how she received her injuries until she discovered a missed call and listened to the voicemail.

She came forward to Murrieta police with the one minute, 26 second voicemail recorded the night she was allegedly beaten, according to a copy of a search warrant.  

"In the voicemail, the victim heard herself crying and screaming in pain as well as the defendant in this case telling her she was never going to leave and also sounds like something being repeatedly hit," Hall said.

The couple had been in a relationship for four years, according to police statements.

The former Marine is scheduled to appear before Riverside County Superior Court Judge Michael Rushton on Feb. 21 for sentencing. Rollins faces a potential life sentence because of the torture count, according to Hall.

The trial—prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Tim Cross of the DA’s Domestic Violence Unit—began Dec. 16.

B-Cat January 17, 2014 at 03:55 PM
As the jury has found him guilty of his crime, one has to wonder how this matter played out in the home [the jury knows, we dont yet]. All to many times women feel they can control the beast by believing the law will protect them,and its used as a threat, and it does protect them but after the fact. Its playing with fire and a marine is no wuss by any means, you have to know what your dealing with. Most soldiers go back to civilian life ok but they still carry with them what they were taught to survive, this man saw his relationship not surviving and something clicked. Our military personal carry this burden and its a heavy one. No one should have to endure the beating that this woman took no matter what the reason was for the breakup. This incident should be [and i hate to put it this way] as a warning, understand the consequences of how you do things, this will not be the last of these things to happen.
Brenda January 17, 2014 at 10:27 PM
Steve, Annie, gosh hope you are both wrong... :/ Sometimes these women hold on also because they have a helper financially and with their child, and unfortunately sometimes that man hitting them once in a while is worth it to them. I have seen these women, talked to them on a abuse line...listened to the reasons they give. Some have to do with love, or the old "HE loves ME so much". The woman is made to believe by this man that he loves her more then his life, more then anything, that he would do anything for her, and he usually does, but a beating goes along with it if her cell phone rings. Alot of single women will put up with alot just to have some help pay the bills, be a part time babysitter so they can work, someone to take them nice places......etc. etc. All depends on the girls upbringing and how much respect she has for herself and also enough strength to say to herself "THIS MAN Is NOT going to change", he has done it too many times before. B-Cat, unfortunately Marines do/are have so much anger boiling in them when they get home to the states after tours. You hear every day of one of them flipping out and doing something horrible, the most unheard of that usually has to do with beating up girlfriends, his children, or his girlfriends children. They come home with a switch that is just waiting to be flipped.
Annie G. January 17, 2014 at 10:32 PM
I get ya brenda, but the reality is, they go back. Doesn't say much for the mentality of how we raise our kids today, but it is TRUTH. sad.
Brenda January 17, 2014 at 10:33 PM
yes, they do Annie :/ Until they are dead.
Moon Freedom February 13, 2014 at 04:17 PM
Once upon a time he joined the marines to care for his seeds. He sacrificed for you ( the US citizen) and his children. Once upon a time he believed in romance. It is tragic it ended this way. I would agree with all the above statements except that there is nothing human about him. He will be missed! Perhaps in his life he will be able to redeem himself.


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