Former Deputy to be Sentenced for Second-Degree Murder in Murrieta Bar Shooting

Dayle William Long, 44, faces a sentence of 40 years to life in prison for the Dec. 21, 2011 shooting death of Samuel Vanettes, 36, at Spelly's Pub & Grille in Murrieta.

Former Riverside County sheriff's Deputy Dayle William Long is pictured on the opening day of his trial at Southwest Justice Center, Nov. 12, 2013. (Photo by Maggie Avants)
Former Riverside County sheriff's Deputy Dayle William Long is pictured on the opening day of his trial at Southwest Justice Center, Nov. 12, 2013. (Photo by Maggie Avants)

A former Riverside County sheriff’s deputy is scheduled to be sentenced Thursday for the 2011 off-duty shooting death of a man in a Murrieta bar.

Dayle William Long, 44, of Corona was found guilty Dec. 12, 2013 of one count of second-degree murder; the jury also found true the enhancement that he discharged a firearm causing the death of Samuel Vanettes, 36, of Winchester.

Long is set to be sentenced by Riverside County Superior Court Judge Angel Bermudez at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 30 at Southwest Justice Center near Murrieta.

The sentencing hearing will include an opportunity for Vanettes’ surviving family members and friends to address the judge about their loss if they wish to do so, according to John Hall, spokesman for the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office.

Long will also be given the chance to speak.

With the second-degree conviction and the enhancement, the former deputy faces a sentence of 40 years to life in state prison, Hall said.

Vanettes was discovered dead the night of Dec. 21, 2011 on the floor of Spelly’s Pub & Grille in Murrieta.

Long—who at the time was a 10-year-veteran of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department—was off-duty and had been drinking with Vanettes, Vanettes’ sister and their friends at the establishment at 40675 Murrieta Hot Springs Road.

At some point in the evening, Long and Vanettes had became involved in a disagreement about a street in Orange County. That is said to have escalated into an argument.

At about 8 p.m. that night, Murrieta police responded to a call of a man with a gun. When officers arrived they contacted Long who identified himself as an off-duty deputy.

Officers found a man inside, dead from gunshot wounds. He was identified as Vanettes, unarmed and described by several witnesses as a “peacemaker.”

“It was determined Long shot Vanettes several times, killing him,” Hall said.

Long was arrested by Murrieta police detectives and was held in lieu of $1 million bail as he awaited trial.

The Sheriff’s Department terminated Long in 2012. He had most recently served as a court bailiff and a member of the sheriff’s dive team.

The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Burke Strunsky of the DA’s Homicide Unit.

The jury deliberated about a day and a half before reaching its verdict.

In order for Long to have been convicted of first-degree murder, jurors would have had to be convinced that he pre-meditated the killing.

B-Cat January 29, 2014 at 04:21 PM
A murder over a street? I wasnt on the jury but thats seems like a bad reason even for an argument more or less a killing. Whether your a law enforcement officer or not if your going to a bar and you own a gun, leave it home. Before going in to a bar to drink you are in command of your thoughts, you should have rational understanding of the possibilities of what could occur ahead of time. Policeman should have the ability to calm down a situation without the use of firearms so the need to take one with you to a bar of all places is not necessary. If help is needed 911 will get you a quick response.
Steve Newman January 29, 2014 at 05:50 PM
B-CAt- I agree with the foolishness of carrying a firearm into a bar- you are only looking for trouble. Even in states with concealed carry, people are discouraged from bringing in their weapon. But on the flip side- 911 will not always get you a quick enough response to solve the problem. The employee at the bar should have seen the situation escalating and called 911-better safe than the results here.
Steve Newman January 30, 2014 at 12:38 AM
Alek =kind of like you- you would probably volunteer to frisk- especially the guys. You gonna show at Spellys tomorrow- it is not far off Hancock- where you live.
Andrew Bell February 02, 2014 at 12:28 AM
Jess you clearly have no idea what the law is. This stupid psycho did not get any breaks. I would like to see this guy fry as much as the next guy but in my opinion got exactly what he deserved. He wont be free at best until he is 85..... have a nice life douche what is left of it anyway. Dont blame the jury for doing what is asked of them, i would like more like i said but unfortunately the law is the law.


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