Deputies Seek Attempted Rape Suspect

Sheriff's Department releases composite drawing of man for whom authorities are searching.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department is looking for a man in connection with Thursday night's assault and attempted rape in an area just east of Temecula.

Lt. Doug McGrew said the victim was riding a bicycle on Willows Avenue and Sierra Madre in unincorporated Murrieta at about 11:20 p.m. when she heard someone running toward her.  The woman was tackled off her bike from behind and pinned to the ground by the suspect, who attempted to sexually assault her.

The victim struggled and was able to free herself; the suspect ran south on Willows Avenue, authorities said.

The suspect is described as a dark-skinned black man or Latino in his early 20s, heavy-set with a muscular build, short dark hair, clean-shaven, wearing a purple-colored T-shirt.

The suspect also may have an injury to the right side of his face. 

Anyone with information on the attack was asked to call the Riverside County sheriff's investigators, 951-696-3000. 

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