Cop's Wife Convicted of Trashing House

Monique Acosta, 36, was convicted of vandalizing and stealing from a home she and her husband, a former San Diego Police officer, owned before a bank foreclosed on it.

The wife of a former San Diego Police officer was convicted today of trashing their French Valley home after a bank foreclosed on it.

A jury at the Southwest Justice Center in French Valley found Monique Acosta, 36, wife of Robert Acosta, 40, guilty of felony theft of fixtures, according to court records.

The jury deliberated all day, and will continue tomorrow to deliberate on Robert Acosta's verdict on Monday after an alternate juror takes the place of a primary, who could not return after today, according to John Hall, a spokesperson for the District Attorney.

Monique Acosta faces four years in prison, though a sentencing date will not be set until after the jury decides a verdict for her husband.

The woman and her husband were evicted in 2010 from their home on Via Laguna in French Valley. When the bank got the house, they found the home with tens of thousands of dollars of damage.

Walls were spray painted with various scribbles and drawings, drawers, cabinet doors, countertops, air conditioners and tiles were missing, dye was scrubbed into grout, epoxy was dumped in the pool along with several torn-out trees and many fixtures were missing, according to witnesses who testified during the trial.

Defense argued the damage was done because they had to move out in a hurry and planned to come back to clean, but the bank took possession of the home sooner than they expected.

Josh Knight, the defendants' attorney, argued they took fixtures, but they were taking only things they paid for out of their own pockets and believed they owned.

Prosecutor Marcus Garrett said during closing arguments on Thursday this was the couple's way of "waving goodbye to the bank without putting up four of their fingers."

The couple offered to make a "cash-for-keys" deal with the bank; if they got the money, the bank would get the house in good condition. The bank declined.
Photos shown during the trial showed the couple and some friends stripping rock facing from the home's exterior, removing drawers, taking down a garage door and cutting trees down at their stumps.

Jena McAllaster May 21, 2012 at 08:15 AM
I never want to see anyone homeless nor a house destroyed, I Love our community, and yes, there is always more to the story than reported. Maybe jail time is not appropriate, however, is a slap on the wrist appropriate? What about some accountability... Her husband is an ex-cop and he is on trial as well, so he did have some degree, knowledge or contribution to this situation, correct? I had a similar situation happen to me as well, and I left with my dignity and lesson learned, for now, I am a renter. Just an opionon people, no need for caps lock, lol! Although I know times are very tough, life is short...
GOT CAUGHT May 22, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Should NOT Get Jail time ? They should get jail time AND Pay back the damages which is what they will most likely get . Thats like getting caught robbing a bank and OH DAM FINE I'll give the money back ,, moron
GOT CAUGHT May 22, 2012 at 02:40 AM
Wheres the "Logic" in that ? And if you were the one who loaned them the money for the house and they never paid you back, and then destryed the rest ? ? ?
Woodman May 23, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Give me a break! Lock em both up!
Jennifer Smith May 28, 2012 at 04:59 PM
WHY do people take pictures of themselves doing stuff like this?


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