Armed Suspect Prompts School Lockdown In Temecula

The suspect is described as a white male in his 20s, about 5'10" tall, clean shaven with short blonde hair and tattoos on his chest.

A man with a gun is at large and police are searching for him, authorities are reporting.

The man, described as a white male adult in his mid-20s, is wanted in connection with an incident Monday afternoon in Temecula.

According to Lt. Matthew Aveling, deputies from the Temecula Police Department responded to the scene of a home in the 41200 block of Essex Street on reports of suspicious subjects there. When deputies arrived, all suspects were caught and detained except one, who was allegedly carrying a firearm, Aveling said.

The suspect who got away is about 5'10" tall, clean shaven with short blonde hair and tattoos on his chest, Aveling said. He was wearing a light gray jacket, long black shorts and white tennis shoes.

A search for the man spread into a nearby housing tract near Camino Del Este and La Serena, prompting a lockdown of Rancho Elementary School for precautionary measures, Aveling said.

“An extensive search of the area by Temecula Police Department patrol officers, school resource officers, a K-9 unit and a Sheriff's Aviation helicopter was conducted of the residential neighborhood,” Aveling said. “The search included houses, garages, backyards and vehicles. The search was unsuccessful and the suspect is still outstanding. The school was under lockdown procedures for a little over one hour and resumed normal activities around 3:55 p.m.”

Anyone with further information regarding the known identity of the outstanding suspect is encouraged to contact the Temecula Police Department, Southwest Station at (951) 696-3000. Citizens may also submit an anonymous tip using the Sheriff's CrimeTips online form.

Susan Veronica February 13, 2013 at 07:59 AM
All this started when several police officers "raided" a drug house on my street. This was the 2nd time in 7 days guns were drawn at a particular home. I was told by an officer this particular person jumped over the fence and ran away. That was the reason for the lock down. I watched the police raise their guns, arrest many people, bring in the drug dogs - but yet this scum gets out a day later. The traffic has started up again - late night cars screeching up and down the street, hookers leaving the homes, strange cars, sketchy people walking out of the house. I am sorry your child was scared and was stuck at school - no child deserves to be frightened like that. One of the little boys on the block is afraid to sleep in his own bed because the bad man next door might get him, not to mention the other 9 kids who don't play on the street anymore because of this guy. It makes me sick to my stomach that this guy is still walking the streets and his run away buddy with the gun is most likely back in business with him. It was once a nice quiet, beautiful block and now the residents can't sleep because of this scum. We just want him out and need our homes back.
Only my thought February 15, 2013 at 06:16 AM
Ok call me crazy but I thought if they had a backround/parole they could not be near a school. Now I have no clue how it works but that seems like that should be right!
Brenda February 16, 2013 at 06:03 PM
Their cars and uniforms say TEMECULA PD. They are contracted from Riverside Sheriff Department. They technically on paper are our Police Department. The Riverside County Sheriffs Department backs up all City police departments as they cover unincorporated areas which overlap all over the place out here, take up calls when others are busy, and work their own areas. If they are close to an area, ie City of Temecula they will often respond along with the contracted Temecula PD.
Brenda February 16, 2013 at 06:09 PM
Jes, Really "raiding" your garage and backyard and leaving your garage a mess, the police, looking for an armed criminal, and then NOT coming back to personally tell you what happened is that bothersome to you?? I don't care what the police do to my garage while looking for an armed suspect. Would rather have them do that then the armed suspect take me hostage as soon as I get hom with the kids from work, while he hid in my garage.
Brenda February 16, 2013 at 06:23 PM
Convicted child molesters cannot be near a school, or so many miles away from it. Parolee's do not have that same law/rules. Nor are they listed on the Megan Laws Maps showing us where criminals live, just molesters. I personally would like to see Megans Law expanded to cover every single convicted felon so that we know who is living near us. Twice now I have lived on a street where a convicted robbery guy had moved into and dammit he did go around and start robbing all of us of cell phones, anythng in the car if left the doors unlocked, computer and even someones entire backyard furniture!! I wish the guy had been on an extended Megan's list :/.


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