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UPDATE: Homicide Suspects Sought, Amber Alert For Girlfriend

A 16-year-old girl was taken -- apparently by the girl's boyfriend and one of the suspects in a double homicide involving the teen's relative.

Update 12:34 p.m.:

A father and son are being sought in connection with a double homicide in Monterey County and an Amber Alert was issued in the Inland Empire Sunday for the 16-year-old girlfriend of the younger man.

Juan Manuel Salazar, 39, and Juan Manuel Salazar Jr. 19, both of Paso Robles, are suspects in the deaths of Hector Reyes, 22, and Daniel Fraga, 25, of San Ardo, according to Monterey County sheriff's officials.

Missing is Eunice Serrato, 16, who is reportedly related to one of the men killed Saturday night at 62240 Railroad Ave. and is Salazar Jr.'s girlfriend.

They were believed to be headed to Mexico, officials said.

The senior Salazar stands 5 feet 9 and weighs 185 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair, officials said; the younger man stands 5 feet 6 and weighs 170 pounds.

He has black hair and black-colored eyes, officials said.

Anyone with information is asked to call sheriff's officials at 831-385-8312.


An Amber Alert showing up on an Inland Empire freeway has been issued for a 15-year-old girl apparently taken by a suspect in a double homicide.

The suspect -- driving a white Acura -- is 5 feet 8, 150 pounds, with brown hair; the girl is 5 feet 5 and 130 pounds.

He is suspected in a double homicide in the city of San Ardo, in Monterey County that occurred about 10:30 p.m. Saturday.

Anyone with information is asked to call Monterey County sheriff's at 831-385-8312.

Vince August 01, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Well....I got a name for 'em too, and I BETCHA you and I have a MATCH goin' on that deal...but a little Shakespeare for ya jes' the same: "An FM Shoe by any other name, will still....be for lounging, and not for walking." He really was a pretty hip, and smart fella, doncha know.
Kevin - Wildomar CA August 01, 2012 at 11:40 PM
What are those dots around her mouth? Piercings? Moles?
Vince August 02, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Now ya done it Kevin!!! Ya done brought another story to mind...sorry, things just sorta go thataway at times. Over off'n the 60 Fwy at the so called "Badlands", twix't The Pass Area, and Moreno Valley, there used to be a whole passel of wide boar, Black Russian Boar they was---they had escaped from one of those Chicken Shiat "hunting ranches" over that way's years back...and so they got them a pretty good toe-hold all up in those canyons there parallel with the 60. And some fella's I knew in that area hunted them reg'lar, but never could seem to score on one. I happened to know a painting contractor outta Chino, and one day over beers after work, he told me how one of his goals in this life was to, and I quote: "Blast me a big ol' wild boar"...So I hooked him up with those guys that never could score on one, thinking that one more crazy guy beating the brush may help their cause...and beating the brush where those boar ran was not for the faint of heart...or weak of legs---it was some TOUGH terrain. Cont.
Vince August 02, 2012 at 12:43 AM
Cont.: An' since I didn't have nothin' against no Russian Boar's, I never would bother going up and down those hills with those guys. This fella from Chino had him THE BIGGEST mole just off to the side of his nose, and I always was amazed that the thing didn't cause him to go cross-eyed...how he saw past it, was also worth a head scratch too...When I watched that one Austin Power's movie years later I was reminded of his mole---can't remember which movie it was, but the kid from Wonder Years was in it, and he was sportin' him a World Class Mole too. So them brush warriors went out ta huntin' one morning, and by golly, the Chino guy was coming DOWN a hill, and them two other fella's was working their way UP the hill he was walkin' down....and all if a sudden Chino hears this snortin', and wheezin' and bodacious brush crashin' coming up the hill towards him---so he stopped, and went to one knee...and right then a GIGANTIC Black Russian Boar busted out of the brush, running straight at him---and those boar are notorious for their poor vision, and Chino was downwind of it, so the poor thing never saw him, nor winded him...and so it didn't know what hit 'im square in the chest at about 15 yards out, as it kept running forward----but what it was, was, about a 200 grain bullet outta Chino's Remington 7mm Magnum. Dropped him DEAD in his tracks... Cont'
Vince August 02, 2012 at 12:44 AM
Cont.: Chino swore it was a shot from the hip, and who is to say, but if it was, props to the guy, because most people in that situation woulda been hard pressed to get even a BROOM STRAW pounded up they's butt with a sledge hammer, let alone be kneeling and make that sorta shot fro, the hip....I'm jes' sayin'. So...Chino brings him up to my place, and it weighed in better'n 300 pounds after being field dressed, and we hung him in my walnut tree, and went to work making steaks, an' chops, an' smokin' ' hams an' roasts outta him...And them guys with him were sorta pizzy about him gettin' that pig, since according to them they done all the work of pushing the sucker UP to him---andso from that day forth, "Chino" became: "Mole Man" to them guys...and funny thing is, and this IS the truth I be tellin' here, but funny thing is about a month later one of the barn cats shows up with a mole in his mouth...and then we started having moles tunneling all over the pasture...honest to God. The two fella's whut tagged Chino with Mole Man swore up and down that he had shed "spores" all over my property, and that is why I had me moles on the place so sudden-like----and quite honestly, I never had even ONE mole around there 'till Mole Man went and shed them spores...I'm jes' sayin'.


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