Show us Your Prom Picture, Ancient or New

Whether taken this weekend at Wilson or in 1949, the formal photo is a milestone we'd like you to share.

So you went to the prom this weekend? Or in days of yore? Share a memory or post a photo or do both. Tell us the name of the high school and location of the dance and how it went. Epically bad? Cinderella perfect? 

To get this going, Patch editor Nancy Wride posts a prom pic here, blurry though it is. Date Cedric Campbell just sent it via Facebook. So for instance:

NancyW: La Quinta High School, home of the mighty Aztecs. The prom was held at the luxurious Queen Mary, in the grandest of the salons. Cedric looked so handsome and more Hawaiian than usual. His hair might've been longer than mine. He was a class ahead of me and on the varsity tennis team, and remains a great friend, married to beautiful Bonnie with lovely daughters, who wondered why he hadn't taken Mom. My Mom wanted me to buy a frilly number that looked like Little House on the Prairie. My aunt loaned me this dress, my Mom had 10 pairs of leather and silk elbow gloves that I chose from. Cedric and I had a fantastic time and felt like we were in a movie as we climbed the wide stairway leading to our ballroom. A few years ago, I asked my aunt Dee about the dress, and two days later it arrived as a surprise on my doorstep. And it will be visiting the Sky Room soon. Fast forward to 1997, I climbed the same stairs in a wedding dress.

Sarah De Crescenzo: Acalanes High School. Okay the one with two people (white dresses) is me and a friend, who met at another friend's house for photos before senior prom in similar dresses. It was tough to pick what to wear:  you wanted to look beautiful and classy but not exactly like everyone else. We clearly had the same taste in simple yet fancy gowns. The second (magenta dress) is the line-up of girls from prom junior year. We took photos before we headed out in the limo for dinner. we were at a friend's house and decided that her trampoline was a good place to take a photo. We all knew each other because we were all on the Acalanes High School lacrosse team. 

Nancy Wride May 22, 2011 at 07:16 PM
Keep these coming. The political couples are funny (for a moment I thought Bill was a guy who lives 2 streets over). The video, nice Pan. I was going to add Hairspray but I wasn't positive there was a prom in it.
Panglonymous May 22, 2011 at 08:39 PM
Hairspray? Do prom-aged folk generally dig it I wonder? Do they still have chaperones? How dirty can the dancing be, 1-10? Can you be openly, affectionately gay at a public school prom in LB? Are the restrooms coed? (Looks like Hill & Bill got scotched. Inappropriate-d out? How does that work, exactly, X number of flags and it's automatically hidden, or is it moderated? Rights come into play?) Sorry, inquisitive. :-|
Nancy Wride May 22, 2011 at 09:17 PM
Nah i just figured Bill and Hillary didn't actually go to the prom so Id leave room for others. I'm not sure who posted that photo but it appears to be seemingly driven by an occult hand.....


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