Re Calif. Nonprofit Hopes to Combat Government Dysfunction

I searched and found a Patch editor Aldrin Brown, Regional Editor for California's Inland Empire cluster l in 2010 with a Facebook page he has not updated since this July.  Is this a new Coffee party idea-get people together and see what THEY want to do OR
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Warren Martin January 03, 2014 at 02:07 PM So, has anyone researched this site? When you go to the site there is not a site but a sign up page asking for info -scam alert right off the bat. If its a real deal then great idea, but they need to have a site people can look at and not one that sends up Red Flags.
Aldrin Brown January 04, 2014 at 01:08 AM
Hi Ann, I, one of the co-founders of PleaseGovern.Org, am indeed a former Patch editor. I left Patch in August of 2013. I worked with a great many talented people at Patch, some of whom have moved on and used the skills they learned to do a variety of exciting and dynamic things. Hi Warren, Asking people to join our movement is not "a scam." It's about organizing the electorate in furtherance of the greater good. Feel free to contact me directly at AldrinBrown@PleaseGovern.Org if you have any further concerns. We very much appreciate your engagement.


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