My baby Prince has been missing since the night of 1-3-2013 around Hunter and Winchester Rd. He is about 12 years old, about 15 pounds,  VERY friendly, very BIG, and he LOVES people. Please, if you have any information regarding his whereabouts, CALL ME ANY TIME! I miss him SO much. This is the first time he has EVER gotten out, so he is probably scared and misses his mommy. He cannot climb because he is too old, and I heard a loud noise outside at around 1 am the night he went missing, which means he might be injured. I have called the shelters, vets, I've been door-to-door... I just moved here about a month ago, so he does not know the area and he has always been an indoor cat. PLEASE help me get him home. I miss him TERRIBLY and love him with ALL MY HEART. I am absolutely devastated with his disappearance and NEED YOUR HELP!!!
Call me with any info, any time.


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