Sleep Mommas . . . .

Sleep . . . someday
Sleep . . . someday

Sleep is highly overrated, right? I can barely stand it.  Tonight I am excited about my daughter’s exciting adventure, that, I cannot sleep.

Funny.  Seems like so many moments in my life as a mommy, have me at the same place.  On the couch, or at the computer in the middle of the night not being able to do the most natural of things . . .  sleep.

Seems like days would go by in the early years with babies, sickness, breastfeeding and new ventures that would have me up all hours of the night.  Sometimes back then, I wished the moments away.  I would tell myself that, “when the kids get older I will sleep”, or “I can make it up on the weekends.”  Both were not true and I have the dark circles to prove it (see lovely shot above :D !

Today, my woozlies are 13 and 16 and I’m really not a worrier but when my momma heart gets involved and the kids are so much more independent, I can’t sleep.

My mind scrolls through the “to do” list a mile long:  groceries, remember to sign this document, call this person and hand wash this blouse.  (I should probably grab a piece of paper and write it down)  My mind then scrolls through the “I wonder if they are on their way home, thoughts” and the “oh my goodness, time is marching on waaay to quickly, I must make time to  _____________ (fill in the blank).”

I don’t wish the moments away anymore.  But I remember when I did, not knowing that they slip by so quickly.

I do wish for sleep sometimes.  Like tonight.  Just wishing that somehow I could fall asleep being reminded of all that has been and rest in all that will be in the future.  I’m working on that whole REST thing.  Not so good at it but working on it for sure.

Do you ever get a moment to turn your mind off and just rest?http://murrietamommas.com/

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Alek J Hidell March 13, 2014 at 09:20 PM
How I yearn for the deep, peaceful slumber of death. I for one will the happiest cadaver in the boneyard. Fear not my brethren, for I shall ignore all calls to awaken during the Zombie Apocalypse..... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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