Bandaids and Skinned Knees

Adventures are waiting right around the corner.  Century Park, Murrieta
Adventures are waiting right around the corner. Century Park, Murrieta
The fact is I grew up in a small town in San Diego County, went to kindergarten with the same kids I graduated with and was rarely home or if I was, I was doing chores on our property feeding the ducks, goat or chickens or pulling weeds.  I wasn’t athletic AT ALL, loved to act and spend time with friends.  I walked to school with my pals Jackie and Mike and often found myself covered in dirt before I ever got there.  The walk wasn't that far, maybe a mile or so, but somehow made each and every trip an adventure.  It was pretty Epic.  Pretty charmed.  It was my life.

In elementary school I ice skated and saw myself as part of the Ice Capades when I grew up.  (A girl can dream, right?)  I loved the beautiful costumes and grace each skater had on the ice.  During my days of skating, my hand was run over by my own teacher’s blade, I fell a million times and hardly ever cried.  It was life.  No big.  Brush off the gunk, wash if necessary but didn't quit.  In middle school we had Aquarius, the roller arena, and we roller skated and loved it.  We slow danced with the boys and laughed if we fell.  No big.  Bruises, laughter and activity was part of my youth.  I was blessed to have amazing friends (MANY I still have today) and a fun place to hang out with my pals.  I loved it.

You know what I didn't have?  What my parents didn't do?  They did NOT have to give us permission to go skating or sign a release to let us go to the skating rink.  We paid our money, got our skates and a locker, ate crappy food but never complained.  We would stay there until our parents would make us come home.  Sure, there were injuries.  My sister really busted up her elbow one time and we took her to the doctor, put a brace on and went back to the rink as soon as we could.  It was our life and we loved it!

My parents never sued, never blamed, and never sheltered us from the world.  We lived and have the scars to prove it.  We NEVER broke a bone when we were young, but yes we had skinned knees and bruises.  Wouldn't change a minute of it!  EVER.

High contrast to the world we live in today where just to have your child jump on a trampoline or skate at the local skate park with a friend, they need parental consent.  The news reports tell you that if you have had an accident, you are entitled to compensation (there are obvious exceptions . . .).  We live in a society that does not see the benefit of a skinned knee and taking risks outside of organized sports.

I read a book last year that changed by thoughts on letting my children, my students explore, get dirty, get bruised and experience nature.  It is called The Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.  It is crazy good and well worth the read. http://richardlouv.com/books/last-child/  He talks about these very things and how our kids need to get back to nature and have adventures.  To get a few skinned knees and parents, don’t blame the world!

Last year I met someone who inspired me.  She wanted kids in this community to get off their bums and Move It, Move It and she has done just that.  She inspires a community to get up and have fun and laugh, together.  She doesn't worry about the bruises and skinned knees but excited watching people have a wonderful time.  Shauna Grammatico owns Murrieta’s,  Epic Rollertainment  (the very unconventional skating rink – sorry Aquarius) and it runs like a well-oiled ship but you know what?  Her thoughts are on bettering the community and not worrying about kids getting hurt.  Signs are posted to skate at your own risk rather than filling out waivers.  I love that.

My kids are blessed to have so many options here in Murrieta.  Century Park in our backyard, Roller rink a mile away, skateboards or whatever outdoor activity.  Of course sometimes they choose computers and Xbox over outdoor activities but at least they have the options.   A skinned knee now and again is a good sign of a child taking a few risks within the boundaries that a parents set.  Of course helmets should be worn and proper training should be done before you do something dangerous, just makes sense but . . .   let your children experience nature, falling down and getting back up!  Let them climb trees and play on a trampoline.

The nice thing is, there are opportunities for adventure,  especially in our community!  Skate, run, climb and jump on!  Life is good.

Below is a video of  a simpler time . . .  "I Can't Believe we Made It!"


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James P Hosty March 23, 2014 at 07:25 PM
We need to get rid of most our judges and replace them with Judge Judy types. giving $1.2 BILLION to that family of 4 whose Lexus had a stuck accelerator is just absurd
Vic March 23, 2014 at 09:27 PM
Welcome back....
TemeKoala March 24, 2014 at 02:36 AM
TemeKoala March 24, 2014 at 02:38 AM
ⓐⓛⓔⓚ ⓗⓐⓢ ⓝⓞ ...


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