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Tags, Microchips Help Lost Pets Get Home

Proper identification on your pet can ensure a safe return home.

Of the thousands of stray cats and dogs that come into r each year, only a small percent find their way back home.

The best way to ensure your lost animal gets returned is to use pet identification.

The shelter recommends that your cats and dogs each have three forms of ID: a collar, an identification tag and a microchip.

When choosing a cat collar, select a "break-free" style that slips off easily. Cats are notorious for exploring and can get easily hung up.

Break-free styles are also available for dogs; some of these collars can also be used with leashes.

Tags are available at pet stores, vet offices and on the Internet. Include the cat or dog's name, your phone number and your address on the tag. Some owners even engrave the words “Reward if Found” on the tag.

If a pet loses its collar and tag, a microchipped animal can still get back home. Lost pets that land in a shelter or a vet's office are usually scanned immediately for a chip that contains an owner's contact information. 

Talk to your vet or the shelter about this form of ID. Southwest Communities Animal Shelter will microchip pets for $20 each.

to read more about microchipping.

If you decide to chip, always remember to keep your contact information updated with the microchip company.

Having your cats and dogs outfitted with proper identification ensures a better chance that they will get home safely.

Want to read more about lost-pet policies at Southwest Communties Animal Shelter?

If you are looking for a four-legged companion, click on the attached photo gallery to see just some of the sweet pets awaiting adoption at Southwest Communities Animal Shelter. All adoptions are half-price and there are special senior discounts.


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