Murrieta Surf B99 – Newport Mesa Cup Champion

(Photo courtesy of Team Mgr. Eilene Montoya)
(Photo courtesy of Team Mgr. Eilene Montoya)
Submitted by Murrieta Surf B99 Team Mgr. Eilene Montoya:

This is preseason for the Murrieta Surf B99 team and it’s been a great start with two outings at the Las Vegas Premier Tournament and the boys being finalists late March and more recently, they were the Champions at the Newport Mesa Cup.

The boys battled it out against Milan White, winning a solid victory of 4-0.

Then the match against Mission Viejo Soccer Club, MVSC-Legacy, resulted in a 4-2 victory for this determined Murrieta Surf team. 

The third game was against Strikers FC out of Tustin, Calif. and that team became the nemesis for the Murrieta Surf team as it suffered a heartwrenching loss, 2-1.

On to the championship game however for Murrieta Surf B99 team -- for redemption during a nail biter of a game.

The game ended in a tie against MVSC, forcing the teams to go into penalty kicks.

Murrieta Surf B99 came out the champion, resulting in a resounding victory and recording a final score of 2-1 against the MVSC-Legacy team.

Pictured below:

Front row:

Diego Medina, Brandon Christ, Ngafi Shey, Jr., Zackary Barber, Josef Duenas, Joshua Razo, Luke Noon, Praise Madueweke, Samuel Margolis.

Back row:

Alex Boyajian,Trevor Sciliano, Cody Williams, Lawrence Hooper, Marcus Montoya, Joseph Torres, Dylan Chadd, Alec Fonseca and Coach Carlos Leos.

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