Murrieta Lottery Winner Claims Prize

The winner claimed her prize at a California Lottery office in San Bernardino today, lottery officials said.

The winner of a $287,323 Mega Millions lottery ticket sold at a Murrieta gas station came forward today, lottery officials said.

A woman named Rosalba Dominguez claimed her ticket at the California Lottery office in San Bernardino, said lottery spokesman Elias Dominguez. She asked for little publicity, he said, and he could not give her city of residence but did say she does not live in Murrieta.

After 25 percent taxation, Dominguez took home $215,492.

The at the Shell gas station at 40452 Murrieta Hot Springs Road. The station has a small, nondescript sign acknowledging they sold a winning ticket there. Dominguez' ticket was one of five runner-up tickets sold in California to the $319-million multi-state Mega Millions jackpot.

Tony Casarez, who oversees the Murrieta gas station where the winning ticket was sold, said it was the highest ticket ever sold among 13 stations he manages for K.A. Management.

Since he can not acknowledge Dominguez, he plans to pay a small bonus of $25 to $50 to the cashier or cashiers who were working at the time the ticket was sold. He was able to narrow down the timeframe, and will watch video surveillance to reveal which employees were on shift.

Retailers reported strong sales the day of the March 25 drawing. Casarez hopes the station will be considered lucky now that it has sold a winning ticket.

"We're hoping to bank on that success," he said.

He said the store makes about 6 cents off each ticket sold.

They did not get a share of the recent winnings because it was not a jackpot-winning ticket.


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