Pitbulls-Beyond the Myth

There has been a lot of discussion as of late about some recent Pittbull attacks locally.  I have to wonder how many other dog bite stories did not make the news simply because the animal involved was not a Pitbull or similar breed.  The recent discussions on The Patch seem to involve two types, the "Ban happy" uninformed Pitbull "Haters" and the informed defenders of the breed.  As I promised before on a prior post, here is the title of a movie off Netflix that should be required reading for all commenters on this subject.  If this movie does not, at the very least, change some peoples perceptions of the Pitbull breed, nothing will.

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Average American February 19, 2014 at 05:01 PM
I think it should be a FELONY to train Pitbulls for fighting as it is one of the worst types of abuse you could do to a Pitbull or any other breed. It is basically a death sentence for the dog I feel, since the dog will be ruined for good and I don't believe it is possible to reform a fighting dog successfully therefore it would be euthanized if taken from its (moronic) owner.
Average American February 19, 2014 at 07:36 PM
It looks like the comments are coming to a close, thanks everyone for your comments and for further information on Breed Specific Legislation (Pittbulls) look no further than PETA.ORG and you will discover the political part of this issue. That is if you can stomach any more politics! Thanks , Pauly (Author)


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