Beans Roasted in Murrieta Service Temecula Coffee House

Café Bravo is the only coffee house in southwest Riverside County that roasts its own beans.

Only one coffee house in town roasts its own beans, makes its own syrups and practices the time-honored tradition of latte art.

Bravo Café in Old Town is not only a gem in Temecula, but in the region.

The coffee house takes up the street-level corner suite of the three-story Dalton Building on Fifth and Mercedes Street in Old Town Temecula.

They offer a full gourmet coffee menu, and the beans are the freshest around. The coffee house’s owner’s son, Ryan Dalton, roasts the coffee in Murrieta.

The coffee house has eight tables that seat four people each with an adjoining meeting room with a few sofas and armchairs anybody can reserve for free.

The room is colored in deep hues by the brick walls and dark wood furniture, giving it a warm, calm feel.

It offers free wifi too, so it’s a great place to meet with coworkers when you’re sick of your company’s meeting room.

The real reason to visit the place is their specialty coffee.

They also make their own syrups and mixes for their more elaborate drinks, such as their mochas, chai teas and blended lattes.

The baristas are also trained to make latte art, which is an ornate way to present a drink. They pour the steamed milk into the espresso in a way that causes them to mix and create a flower-like design on the top.

If for no other reason, the coffee house is a destination for that. So, if you’re looking for an exceptional cup of coffee or a nice place to meet a friend, Café Bravo is your place.


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