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MURRIETA, CA. For most people, encountering a Process Server is something they will never do. However, in the legal system, they are one of the key components to a lawsuit. Cynthia Mota of www.SouthlandCourtServices.co began working with lawyers and family law litigants in San Diego, before opening an office in Murrieta. “This area probably has the highest divorce rate, per capita” Mota says. At the same time, the ratio of process servers to residents in the same area is lower than in all the neighboring counties. This makes the Southwest Riverside County region a unique place for this profession.

Serving people is not what you might think. This is not a profession where people like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” can run at you with his mullet bouncing and pepper-spray in his hand. The goal is to get the person served and avoid allegations of improper service. “No law suit can progress without proper service” she says. For this reason, she wears a video camera on her shirt. “Clients love to see the video of the person being served.” Certainly there are times where the person claims that they never received the documents, but when the lawyer shows the video, there is very little doubt.

I truly love what I do, and this profession is one where I get to meet people, travel, and feel like I accomplish something every day. She admits, “…there is an adrenaline rush every time I knock on a door…”

Brenda July 16, 2013 at 05:31 PM
Yes, Process serving legal documents for a court/attorney or a pro per/se is not even in the same ball park is a bounty hunter. Bounty Hunters dont even need a camera, unless filming a show, because they turn in the "run" to the police, not just hand him papers. Papers being given to someone could be disputed so yes having a camera to film it would be a great idea and help to build positive reputation in the field.


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