Murrieta, a great place for business

Murrieta, CA.   My wife and I got into the law business after a very rough time.  At 36 years old, she developed breast cancer of the worst kind – Tripple Negative.  We had to find a way to spare money and scrimp and save. Down to one income faced with increased cost of medications and doctors; making ends meet became a heavy burden. So we teamed up and developed our own company, an outsourced paralegal service.

Last month we opened the doors to our first office in Murrieta, Califoria.  We partnered up with two investigators and process servers to deploy a full law service solution for practitioners. With one call, practitioners haend even able to launch the rsources of any large firm.

Southland-law.com is a very simply client portal for practitioners to submit orders, retrieve documents, and collaborate with support staff.

At our Murrieta Office, practitioners with meet with clients and interview witnesses.  Need a deposition? We have a list of reporters and our office available.

By far, the most sought after solution we offer are client interview. We will interview your prospective client, obtain all the case facts, collect the evidence and information and then put a report together for counsel. This makes for increased productivity on the lawyers part by not missing a money opportunity due to prior engagements.

Call today and see what’s waiting for you!!!!

Jesse Wagner

Roy Holmgren July 10, 2013 at 03:04 PM
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